Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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#What is the difference between Magic Auth and Magic Connect?

Magic Auth is a whitelabel solution that allows developers to build the look and feel of their app’s user authentication and wallet experience. Additionally, Magic Auth wallets are scoped to individual dApps. In order for end-users to use their Magic Auth wallets on other dApps, end-users will need to export the private key and import them in a 3rd-party wallet.

Magic Connect is a web-based authentication and wallet that does not require browser extensions, seed phrases, or downloads. Magic Connect solution comes with out-of-the-box functionality and range of web 3 features such as:

  • Web2-friendly login methods such as passwordless email and Google One Tap that allows frictionless mainstream user onboarding to your dApp

  • Support for external wallets such as Metamask and WalletConnect so that you don’t have to spend time integrating with wallets. 

  • Transaction signing module

  • Fiat on-ramp

  • Send transaction module

Furthermore, with the soon-to-come premium feature, developers will be able to collect verified email addresses from 3rd-party wallet users. Magic Connect also lets users use the same wallet across dApps.

#Which blockchains will Magic Connect support?

Magic Connect currently supports Ethereum and Polygon.

More EVM chains are coming. Submit this feedback form to request for chains you’d like to be supported on. 

#Which payment methods and geographies will be supported for the fiat on-ramp?

Magic Connect end-users will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies through Magic’s partner fiat on-ramps across 150+ countries and major payment methods including bank transfers and credit cards. 

#Which 3rd-party wallet login options are supported and can they be configurable?

Magic Connect supports MetaMask and Wallet Connect as third-party wallet options. Both are displayed by default for all Magic Connect apps.

Developers will soon be able to configure which 3rd-party wallet login options to be displayed through the developer dashboard. This feature will be available before the end of July, 2022. 

#Are end-users able to export private keys?

Yes. Authenticated users can access their wallet recovery phrase through the User Settings page in their Magic Connect wallet.

#Does Magic Connect support MFA or 2FA?

MFA / 2FA will not be supported at launch. However, this feature will be ready in the coming months.

#Which login methods does Magic Connect support?

  • Email-based

    • Google One Tap
    • Email (one-time passcode)

  • 3rd-party wallets

    • MetaMask
    • Wallet Connect

MetaMask and Wallet Connect visibility will be configurable via the Magic developer dashboard by end of July 2022.

#How long will users remain logged in?

Sessions last 7 days if a user logs in with email or Google One Tap. Third-party wallet users must manually disconnect to end their session

#Can developers access Magic Connect users’ email address?

For email and Google One Tap users, developers can request access via client-side API client.requestUserInfo().

The users' verified email address will be returned if the user consents to sharing. If the user denies the request, developers will not have access users' email address. Developers can instead rely on the user's public wallet address as a unique identifier.

In the coming weeks, developers will be able to request a verified email address from 3rd-party wallet users as part of Magic Connect’s premium offering.

#Where are the private keys stored?

Magic does not store unencrypted private keys. Magic does store encrypted private keys in an iframe in the browser and on Magic’s backend. Our security docs go in-depth with how the process works. 

#Will Magic Connect be available on other leading NFT marketplaces?

While Magic Connect will not be available everywhere, the Magic team does have working relationships with many leading NFT marketplaces and dApps via Fortmatic. The Magic team is working on a solution to ensure Magic Connect users can access leading NFT marketplaces.

#Am I able to configure which 3rd-party wallets are displayed on Magic Connect?

Currently, MetaMask and Wallet Connect are shown by default for all Magic Connect apps.

Before the end of July, developers will have the ability to toggle which 3rd-party wallets to display on the Magic Connect login view via developer dashboard. 

#How are MAUs counted between Magic Auth and Magic Connect?

Magic bills based on total cumulative MAUs across all Magic Auth and Magic Connect apps. Developers receive 1,000 free MAUs per month, then pay $0.05 per additional MAU. 

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