Apple Social Login

Apple Social Login

Supported Platforms

Web   React Native   iOS

You can allow your users to sign up & log in to your web app with their Apple ID.

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Apple Setup

  1. Go to your Magic Dashboard

  2. Select the Magic app for which you’d like to enable Sign in with Apple, or create a new app

  3. Navigate to Social Login from the sidebar

  4. Click the toggle for Apple. Looks like we'll need to collect a few important details from Apple first: a Services ID, Key ID, Team ID, and Private Key

  5. Open a new tab, go to your Apple developer dashboard

  6. Navigate to Membership from the sidebar

  7. Find your Team ID. Copy/paste this to the setup form on Magic Dashboard

  8. In Apple's dashboard, navigate to Certificates, IDs, & Profiles from the sidebar

  9. Add a new Services ID for your Magic authentication connection. The identifier you select here should be added to the setup form on Magic Dashboard as your Services ID. Click Continue, then click Register

Add Apple Services ID

  1. You'll be returned to a list of Services IDs you've registered, including your new one for Magic authentication. Click your newly created Services ID to enable it for Sign in with Apple. Then, click Configure

Add Apple Services ID

  1. A modal will show, allowing you to connect your Services ID to specific internet domains. In Domains & Subdomains, enter In Return URLs, you'll paste the Redirect URI listed on Magic Dashboard for your Apple Social Login connection. Once you've entered the correct information, you can save your Services ID by clicking Continue, then Save

Add Apple Services ID

  1. Add a new Key for your Magic authentication connection. Make sure to select Sign in with Apple as part of this auth key's permissions. Once you save your selection, note the Key ID and click Download

Add Apple Services ID

  1. Return to Magic Dashboard, you should have Team ID and Services ID populated by this step. Now you can paste your Key ID as well. Finally, you'll need to paste the contents of the Private Key file you downloaded from Apple's dashboard Click “Save” – Done! 🎉
Apple Social Login