Plug and play auth that's radically better

Get peace of mind by integrating unstoppable passwordless authentication that scales with you in a snap.

Building auth on your own is higher stakes than ever

Whether you’re a seasoned dev or building your first app, there’s a lot to unpack when starting from scratch.

Worrying about vendor lock-in, friction for users, scalability, reliability, security, privacy, compliance, and constant cyber threats is a massive responsibility.

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Magic links,
and so much more

With a few lines of code, no bloat, and zero unnecessary config, your app can support a variety of passwordless login methods. Our SDKs make it easy to get up and running with battle-tested authentication, so you can ship faster.


Offer a smooth, secure alternative to login credentials with an emailed magic link.


Enable users to sign in via Gmail, Facebook, Apple, Github, and more.


Build decentralized apps with Ethereum and 10+ other blockchains.


Incorporate a FIDO2 device or biometrics for an added layer of protection.


Verify users by sending one-time codes via text message.

Coming Soon

Multi-factor authentication

Increase user security with multi-factor devices.

Coming Soon

SAML support

Streamline auth through Single Sign On.

Coming Soon

For developers,
by developers

Bring your tech stack and stay in flow. Magic integrates with modern programming languages and frameworks. Less overhead means more time focused on building the best possible product for your users.

import { Magic } from 'magic-sdk'; const magic = new Magic('YOUR_API_KEY'); await magic.auth.loginWithMagicLink({ email: '', });
import { Magic } from 'magic-sdk'; const magic = new Magic('YOUR_API_KEY'); await magic.auth.loginWithMagicLink({ email: '', });

Get started locally in seconds

Sound too good to be true? Take Magic for a spin. Bootstrap your project using a simple CLI tool that generates a fully working application with Magic auth built-in.

npx make-magic

Build onboarding experiences that users will love

Customizable UX

Style the sign up flow to match your brand’s look and feel.

30+ Languages

Engage global audiences in their native language.

Accessibility Support

Easily ensure UIs meet accessibility requirements.

High Quality Signups

Improve engagement with less spam and fraud.

Lose the friction tied to forgotten passwords.
Magic helps you make first impressions with users beautiful, seamless, and impactful.

Future-proof security & infrastructure

Using blockchain-based, public-private key cryptography, Magic achieves identity management that’s light-years ahead of other centralized identity providers. We’re dedicated to solving your authentication challenges from here on out.

Global availability at scale

Our systems operate with 99.99% uptime, ensuring audiences around the world can access your apps anytime, anywhere.

Email delivery and reliability

No need to navigate complicated configurations and multi-level dependencies with email service providers.

Anomaly and bot defense

Malicious login attacks are detected, blocked, and prevented based on usage patterns.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

SOC 2, 3rd-party testing, and SLAs are certified and compliant with the latest security standards (GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA soon).

Industry leaders trust Magic

Magic powers authentication for thousands of amazing applications. Developers around the world rely on Magic to launch resilient user experiences that contribute to the greater good of the internet at large.

Eric Elliot

Author of Composing Software

"Magic links eliminate the headaches of lost or stolen passwords and protect app users. Magic is a critical step forward for app security and UX."

Naval Ravikant

Co-founder of AngelList

“Magic points the way towards a world in which user identity and authentication is decentralized and not subject to control by the tech giants.

Rebuild user trust,
one app at a time

The bottom line: hashing and salting passwords won’t save you or your users.

Hackers consider passwords a backdoor ready to be exploited, and a web that is cluttered with reused credentials is a boon to cybercriminals.

The rate of lost or stolen passwords is only accelerating, as more companies move online due to COVID-19.

Delight and protect users, now and always

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