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How to Build Magic Link in 5 Minutes
A hello world guide to quickly get started with Magic and implement passwordless login from scratch. 🚀
10 August 2020
How to Add Magic Link to a Next.js App
Learn to build a simple Next.js app secured by Magic passwordless auth, and deployed it on Vercel.
1 September 2020
How to Add Magic Link to a Node.js App
Learn to build a full-stack Node.js app showing how to implement Magic links in an Express framework.
3 July 2020
How to Build a TodoMVC With Magic, Next.js, and Fauna
Learn to build a highly scalable TodoMVC app using Magic, Next.js, FaunaDB, Next.js, and Vercel.
3 October 2020
How to Integrate Magic With Firebase
Complete guide on how to plug Magic into Firebase Auth to access the full power of Google Firebase!
10 August 2020
How to secure PHP REST API with Magic
Learn to build a simple REST API in PHP secured by Magic Passwordless Authentication and deploy it on Heroku.
11 January 2021
How to Integrate Magic with Hasura
Learn how to build a CRUD application using Magic and Hasura (built with Nextjs).
12 January 2021
Build a Blog Membership Site with Magic and Webflow
Learn to build a passwordless Blog Membership site using Webflow's drag and drop visual interface, and Magic's auth SDK. 👩🏻‍🎨
30 December 2020
Build Magic auth into your React + Express app
Learn how to integrate Magic auth into your React, Express and Node.js app.
13 January 2021
How to protect Laravel API with Magic Link
A tutorial to demonstrate how to add authorization to a Laravel API with Magic. 🚀
15 January 2021
Securing a Go-Backed Scrappy Twitter API with Magic
Learn how to protect API routes for a Go-backed application using the Magic Admin SDK for Go.
20 January 2021
Build a Full Stack E-commerce Store with Next.js, Strapi, Magic and Stripe
Alex the Entreprenerd will walk you through an in-depth guide on building an E-commerce store using a list of innovative technologies.
24 November 2020
Installation Guide for Strapi Plugin Magic
Learn how to use the strapi-plugin Magic in your Strapi CMS.
24 November 2020
Build User-Friendly DApps With Binance Smart Chain in Minutes
Learn to build a dApp using Binance Smart Chain and Magic passwordless authentication.
4 Feb 2021
How to add Magic Link to a Vue.js Application
Learn how to add passwordless login to a Vue.js application with Magic.
16 February 2021
Adding Magic to an Electron desktop app
Build a native desktop app with React and Electron.
4 March 2021
Build a Paid Membership Site with Magic and Stripe
Start monetizing off of your digital content by building a paid membership website!
25 February 2021
Customize session lengths with JWT and Magic
Customize how long a user is logged into your app for using JSON web tokens (built with Next.js).
24 March 2021
Add Magic Auth to a Chrome Extension
Build a chrome browser extension with Magic auth using React.
7 April 2021