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How Web3 is eliminating vendor lock-in in identity and digital ownership
We are on the verge of the next paradigm shift from closed to open infrastructure platforms founded on blockchain technology, and the need for it has never been greater. How is Web3 + Magic revolutionizing the landscape for digital identity and ownership and eliminating platform vendor lock-in?
Sean Li · September 23, 2022
Magic and Uptop Bring Web3 Innovation to Brand Loyalty
The partnership offers brands entering web3 an intuitive all-in-one loyalty platform and wallet solution that manages and scales the creation, distribution, and redemption of digital assets.
The Magic Team · April 17, 2023
Magic Announces NFT Checkout and Minting for Seamless NFT Onboarding
Request early access to NFT Checkout and Minting – designed to reduce the number of steps required in onboarding users to NFTs. Combined with Magic’s Wallet SDK it helps brands build intuitive, seamless end-to-end experiences from airdrops to NFT collections and marketplaces.
The Magic Team · April 11, 2023
Build at ETHDenver with Magic and our new NFT Template
Use this template to kickstart your NFT marketplace or dApp, reducing hours of work to minutes. This Next.js NFT template comes with code for auth, fiat onramp, minting, gallery, and web3 token gating.
Magic DevRel · March 1, 2023
Onboard Non-Web3 Customers with Magic Wallet Services
MWS is a web3 wallet SDK that integrates with your existing identity provider. Simplify customer onboarding for dapps and NFTs with automated wallet creation powered by Magic’s non-custodial key management system.
Sean Li · December 8, 2022
Fiat Onramp Solution with Stripe
Magic offers developers a new fiat-to-crypto onramp solution with the integration of Stripe with Magic Connect.
Jen Zhou · December 1, 2022
Game On Despite The Bear Crypto Market
In this “crypto winter,” in which mainstream investors lose interest and values remain low for months, there is one sector braving all odds. Blockchain gaming is defying the crypto winter with its upward trend.
Estelle Di Francia · August 15, 2022
Dedicated UI for ERC-20 Tokens in Magic Connect Wallet
Magic Connect has just gotten better. Thanks to the latest update, our wallet now comes with an improved interface, which shows ERC-20 token balances.
The Magic Team · August 5, 2022
Enable 3rd Party Wallets Through Magic Connect With No-Code
Magic Connect, Magic’s all-in-one Web3 user onboarding solution just became way more powerful. With a simple toggle on the Magic developer dashboard, 3rd party wallets can be easily toggled on and off.
The Magic Team · August 3, 2022
Do NFTs Have a Future in Gaming?
Gaming NFTs bridge two worlds that are heavily into digital asset collection, so it’s no surprise that NFT gaming is growing rapidly. But not all gamers are on board, yet.
Estelle Di Francia · July 29, 2022
How Athletes and Companies Can Use Sports NFTs to Connect to Fans
Whether it’s a new jersey or the latest championship hat, sports fans have always found ways to show support for their favorite athletes and teams. And the latest wave in sports collectibles are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs have been called “the future of digital assets in sports” with thousands of sports NFTs now available on global online platforms.
Estelle Di Francia · July 25, 2022
How to Easily Onboard Users On Your NFT Marketplace
So you’ve launched a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, but how do you get users on board? It’s important to identify your target users, and how you can provide a seamless experience for them to start browsing, buying and selling NFTs on your marketplace.
Estelle Di Francia · July 19, 2022
Magic at NFT.NYC 2022
Magic Labs was at one of the largest events of the NFT industry of the year, NFT.NYC, from June 20th to 23rd, in New York City. Magic was a gold sponsor at the exciting event, and got the chance to showcase our flagship Magic Auth and share an exclusive first-look at our latest all-in-one SSO solutions, Magic Connect.
The Magic Team · July 15, 2022