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Announcing Magic’s $52M Strategic Funding Round led by PayPal Ventures
We are thrilled to announce Magic has raised $52 million in a strategic funding round, led by PayPal Ventures, with participation from Cherubic, Synchrony, KX, Northzone, and Volt Capital.
Sean Li · May 31, 2023
From Streaming and NFTs to Merchandising: How Web2 & Web3 Brands Monetize Popularity
Web2 and Web3 entertainment brands are leveraging merchandise as a key revenue stream, with the core strategy being to capitalize on digital products that resonate with audiences. While Web2 platforms like Netflix rely on viewership metrics, Web3's model, exemplified by NFT collections like Pudgy Penguins, directly correlates popularity with revenue, offering a more precise approach to merchandise demand forecasting.
Toju Ometoruwa · October 4, 2023
How Brands Can Maximize Revenue from NFT Launches with the Mystery Loot Box Model
The mystery loot box model, rooted in the thrill of uncovering unknown digital assets, presents a novel approach for brands to maximize revenue from NFT launches. By tapping into the human psyche's love for surprises and potential financial gain, this model offers a powerful blend of engagement, speculation, and sustainable revenue generation.
Toju Ometoruwa · October 3, 2023
Empowering Flow Developers with Walletless Onboarding and Account Linking
Magic extends its partnership with Flow to empower developers to build mainstream applications on the Layer-1 blockchain.
Team Magic · September 28, 2023
How Entertainment Brands Can Elevate Customer Loyalty & Retention Through Web3-Enabled Sweepstakes
With the advent of Web3 technology, entertainment brands can discover a novel approach to boost customer loyalty: Web3-enabled sweepstakes. This fusion of blockchain and traditional marketing not only promises enhanced engagement but also addresses key challenges, like how brands can effectively leverage their IP for promotions, paving the way for a more interactive and loyal fanbase.
Toju Ometoruwa · September 25, 2023
Optimizing Your Brands Net Dollar Retention with Web3 Technologies
Web3 technologies, rooted in blockchain, offer a decentralized approach to enhancing Net Dollar Retention (NDR) for businesses. By leveraging token loyalty programs and personalized rewards, brands can foster deeper customer engagement, introduce new revenue streams, and effectively address the challenges of declining NDR.
Toju Ometoruwa · September 25, 2023
Unveiling the Needs and Expectations of the Web2.5 Audience: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands and Marketers
The Web2.5 audience, a blend of Web2.0 and Web3.0 enthusiasts, seeks authentic engagement, transparency, and active participation in brand culture. This guide delves deep into their unique expectations, illustrating how brands like Nike, Breitling, and Adidas are leveraging Web3 technologies to foster deeper connections and co-create with this evolving consumer segment.
Toju Ometoruwa · September 20, 2023
Revitalizing The Streaming Business Model with Token-Gating-as-a-Service (TGAAS)
Streaming platforms, grappling with content oversaturation and monetization challenges, can potentially turn to Web3 innovations like token-gating-as-a-service (TGAAS) to unveil fresh revenue avenues and amplify user interaction. By integrating TGAAS, platforms can forge exclusive deals with brands to make certain content available only to users that own the brands loyalty token, bolstering loyalty programs and opening doors for brands and influencers to intimately connect with their audience.
Toju Ometoruwa · September 18, 2023
Simplifying Dev Experiences for the Aptos Blockchain Ecosystem
We’re thrilled to announce that Magic has integrated Aptos to transform how developers build new apps and user experiences on the Layer-1 blockchain. Aptos joins more than 20 blockchains already supported by Magic including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and more.
Team Magic · September 14, 2023
Defining the Web2.5 Audience: Insights and Trends for Digital Marketers
As the virtual landscape evolves, the emergence of the Web2.5 audience, a fusion of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 characteristics, presents a series of unique challenges and opportunities for digital marketers. These individuals prioritize privacy, authenticity, and active engagement, creating a demand for brands to foster genuine connections and offer a sense of ownership and influence as we transition towards the decentralized Web3.0 era.
Toju Ometoruwa · September 13, 2023
Transforming Telegram & Discord Groups into Community-Driven Ad Networks with Token Gating
As social media becomes saturated, users are gravitating towards niche communities on Telegram and Discord, seeking authentic connections. These community-centric platforms can harness this shift by utilizing token gating solutions powered by NFTs, transforming Discord channels and Telegram groups into community-driven ad networks where members dictate the advertising narrative.
Toju Ometoruwa · September 12, 2023
Interoperable Loyalty: How Web3 Elevates Co-Branding to Enable Composable Customer Experiences
Web3 technologies are reshaping brand partnerships, enabling interoperable loyalty programs that allow consumers to earn and exchange rewards across multiple brands. This shift not only enhances customer engagement but also opens new revenue streams, making Web3-enabled loyalty programs a strategic imperative for brands aiming to stay competitive.
Toju Ometoruwa · September 6, 2023
Transforming Grocery Loyalty Programs with Web3: A Mutual Triumph for Stores & Suppliers
Grocery retailers and food suppliers face unique challenges in understanding consumer behavior and fostering loyalty. Web3 technologies offer a transformative solution, bridging the insights gap for food suppliers and enhancing the flexibility of grocery retailers' loyalty programs. This articles explores the challenges facing grocery retailers and food suppliers and how a web3-enabled third party loyalty network can solve them. 
Toju Ometoruwa · September 5, 2023