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Dedicated UI for ERC-20 Tokens in Magic Connect Wallet
Magic Connect has just gotten better. Thanks to the latest update, our wallet now comes with an improved interface, which shows ERC-20 token balances.
The Magic Team · August 5, 2022
Enable 3rd Party Wallets Through Magic Connect With No-Code
Magic Connect, Magic’s all-in-one Web3 user onboarding solution just became way more powerful. With a simple toggle on the Magic developer dashboard, 3rd party wallets can be easily toggled on and off.
The Magic Team · August 3, 2022
Do NFTs Have a Future in Gaming?
Gaming NFTs bridge two worlds that are heavily into digital asset collection, so it’s no surprise that NFT gaming is growing rapidly. But not all gamers are on board, yet.
Estelle Di Francia · July 29, 2022
How Athletes and Companies Can Use Sports NFTs to Connect to Fans
Whether it’s a new jersey or the latest championship hat, sports fans have always found ways to show support for their favorite athletes and teams. And the latest wave in sports collectibles are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs have been called “the future of digital assets in sports” with thousands of sports NFTs now available on global online platforms.
Estelle Di Francia · July 25, 2022
How to Easily Onboard Users On Your NFT Marketplace
So you’ve launched a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, but how do you get users on board? It’s important to identify your target users, and how you can provide a seamless experience for them to start browsing, buying and selling NFTs on your marketplace.
Estelle Di Francia · July 19, 2022
Magic at NFT.NYC 2022
Magic Labs was at one of the largest events of the NFT industry of the year, NFT.NYC, from June 20th to 23rd, in New York City. Magic was a gold sponsor at the exciting event, and got the chance to showcase our flagship Magic Auth and share an exclusive first-look at our latest all-in-one SSO solutions, Magic Connect.
The Magic Team · July 15, 2022
From E-commerce to Web3 Shopping: Why It’s the Future for Retail Brands
Retail customers looking for more ownership, community and convenience, they are looking for brands they can trust. Blockchain technology can bring that to them, and the Web3 retail experience might become mainstream sooner than you think.
Estelle Di Francia · July 12, 2022
Build, Run, and Scale dApps With Ease With Magic Connect
At Magic Labs, we worked together with developers and end users to create the most user friendly onboarding experience possible, without sacrificing security. Magic Connect allows you to build, run, and scale dApps with ease. It's your all-in-one SSO solution for Web3 experiences.
Ryan Walters · July 8, 2022
NFT.NYC | Magic Labs Showcases Innovations to Seamlessly and Securely Onboard Web3 Users
Magic Labs ( is an innovator in transforming user authentication, Web3 user onboarding, crypto wallet management and transaction experience.
The Magic Team · June 14, 2022
Developers on Immutable X now have a simple, secure, and seamless onboarding method with Magic
Magic’s secure and passwordless email login has now been integrated for those looking to build with Immutable X, the leading L2 scaling solution for NFTs. By relying on Magic's SDK a developer can integrate passwordless login and authentication without relying on any traditional seed phrases by a user simply signing in with just their email address to further help reduce friction for users.
Nav Dabb · June 9, 2022
Cook Finance Launches Support for Magic
We’re proud to announce that Cook Finance now features Magic integration!
Maricris Bonzo · March 4, 2022
New Pricing based on Monthly Active Users
The changes to Magic’s pricing make it simple and straightforward to choose the plan that’s most tailored to your needs.
The Magic Team · February 28, 2022