Empowering Decentralized Development: Magic Integrates Etherlink

Magic Marketing Team · May 28, 2024
Empowering Decentralized Development: Magic Integrates Etherlink

We are excited to announce the integration between Magic and Etherlink, ushering in a new era for decentralized application development. Etherlink, an EVM-compatible, non-custodial Layer 2 blockchain powered by Tezos Smart Rollups technology, is designed to attract developers and dApps from the EVM space. It offers enhanced user and developer experiences while leveraging Tezos' underlying security.

#Key Numbers and Data

  • With sub-second block times and transaction costs as low as $0.001, Etherlink offers low latency and affordability. It batches transactions and posts them every 2 minutes to the Tezos layer 1, utilizing Tezos' smart rollups, which are "enshrined," making Tezos bakers (validators) the only point of failure and thereby reducing the risks associated with transaction processing.

  • The Etherlink website features a faucet button, providing users with a limited amount of testnet tokens to facilitate testing and development on the Etherlink network. Etherlink tokens enable developers to easily obtain enough tokens for gas to deploy and interact with smart contracts, test transactions, and experiment with the platform’s capabilities.

#Decentralizing the EVM

Rollups and Layer-2 solutions represent a crucial development in the blockchain industry, offering reduced transaction costs, faster transaction speeds, and more efficient resource utilization. However, many developers believe that scaling must be achieved with decentralization and censorship resistance at its core for more meaningful blockchain adoption.

#Why Choose Etherlink?

  • Superior Fundamentals: Etherlink is built on Tezos, making it an "enshrined" rollup on Tezos layer 1. Rolling up to Tezos enhances security by eliminating smart contract risks, and Etherlink is treated as a first-class citizen on Tezos mainnet.

  • Non-custodial: Etherlink does not require admin keys or centralized bridges, ensuring complete decentralization. It operates as a Tezos rollup, allowing anyone to interact with it through the rollup inbox or run a rollup node to verify state correctness.

  • Community-Led Upgradability: Etherlink's future is decided through Tezos' on-chain governance, ensuring constant evolution and community-driven development.

#Get Involved Today!

With Etherlink now a featured blockchain on Magic, the future of blockchain-powered applications looks brighter than ever. Developers now have access to a powerful toolkit that combines the scalability and security of Etherlink with the simplicity and usability of Magic's wallet SDK. 

This integration not only simplifies the development process but also enhances the user experience, paving the way for a new era of decentralized applications that are secure, accessible, and user-friendly.

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Empowering Decentralized Development: Magic Integrates Etherlink