Etherlink is a Layer 2 EVM-compatible blockchain offering low transaction fees and native MEV protection. It is powered by Tezos Smart Rollup technology, uses decentralized sequencers, and is secured by the Tezos layer 1 blockchain.

As Etherlink is EVM compatible, you can follow the Ethereum documentation to send your first transaction and utilize all other wallet features.

#Configure Etherlink

Ensure you have installed the Magic SDK and have access to your API key, follow the quickstart to get started.

01// Setting network to point to Etherlink testnet
02const magic = new Magic('YOUR_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY', { 
03    network: {
04        rpcUrl: '',
05        chainId: 128123,
06    }


Need a feature or see a problem? File an issue on our github repo.

#Resources & Tools