Wallet Types

Wallet Types


Magic wallet provides two options for wallets. Dedicated and Universal, each catering to distinct user preferences and application needs.

Your access to certain SDK methods or blockchains will depend on the wallet type you choose from your developer dashboard.

#Dedicated Wallet: White-labeled Wallets

  • Fully white-labeled authentication and wallet API
  • End users, upon signup, are scoped only to your application
  • Supports all authentication methods, including integration with existing identity providers across 25+ blockchains
  • Pro Bundle offers advanced options such as multi-factor authentication and custom email providers

This option is ideal for developers who desire granular control over the wallet's user and brand experience, want full control of the data collection from the end user, and need a wallet specifically tailored to their dApp. However, users looking to operate across multiple dApps would need to migrate their private keys to other wallets.

#Universal Wallet: Embedded Plug & Play Widget

restricted availability

Universal wallets will soon be merged with Dedicated Wallets into a single product line. Universal apps created before February 7, 2024 will work as expected with no change. See our blog post to learn more.

  • Plug n' Play, all-in-one wallet widget with a pre-built co-branded UI
  • End users are part of the Magic network and can log in to any other Universal wallet application
  • Supports limited authentication methods: pre-configured Google One Tap and Email OTP login only on Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, Base, Arbitrum, and Optimism blockchains
  • Pro Bundle offers verified third-party wallet email collection and brand customization

Universal is an optimal choice for end users who favour convenience and ease of access to multiple dApps without managing different wallets. However, developers will need to explicitly request permission to obtain the user's email and have limited branding and theming options.