Brand & Theme

Brand & Theme


When Magic's wallet widget is shown, you have the ability to configure some UI options to reflect your brand. The level of customization depends on the pricing tier you have selected. During the trial phase, you will have access to all functionality for this feature.


Included with all plans:

  • Change the default Magic branding to a custom logo and app name

Included with Dedicated Wallet and Universal Wallet Pro plans:

restricted availability

Universal wallets will soon be merged with Dedicated Wallets into a single product line. Universal apps created before February 7, 2024 will work as expected with no change. See our blog post to learn more.

  • Change the primary brand color and choose a light or dark theme


You can customize the logo and colors of the Magic link email, confirmation screen, and pending modal on the Branding tab in the Magic Dashboard:

App with customized branding


  • To provide a consistent end-to-end user experience, logos are automatically masked to be circular. We recommend using a square image with adequate safe space. Only PNG, JPG, JPEG files and logos up to 512kb are supported.

Brand & Theme