Unifying Our WaaS Solutions

The Magic Team · February 8, 2024
Unifying Our WaaS Solutions

Magic is consolidating our wallet-as-a-service (WaaS) solutions into one. We hope to simplify your onboarding experience while combining features from both Magic’s Dedicated and Universal wallets. This shift will result in a new WaaS that is white-label, customizable with UI widgets, has new authentication features, and redefines interoperability. 

Our commitment is to make this transition smooth and seamless for you. Starting February 7, all new apps can only be created with the Dedicated wallet solution.

  1. If you have a Dedicated wallet app, no action is required. 

  2. If you have a Universal wallet app, your existing Universal wallet apps will continue to run smoothly (no action needed at this time). In Q2, we will send you a one-time request to review new terms/conditions prior to the transition.

The evolution of Magic WaaS promises simplicity and customization in the developer experience. Here's what you can expect:

#Simplified Developer Onboarding

Feedback from developers highlighted challenges in selecting the right wallet during onboarding, introducing friction for those contemplating a switch between wallet types later on. We've eliminated the confusion in selecting the right wallet during onboarding. A single WaaS offering simplifies the process, granting you flexibility without complexities down the road.

#More Customization

Customer insights have also underscored the success of tailored wallets designed for specific use cases. The new WaaS is fully white-label, giving you complete control over your dapp brand. You will also benefit from plug & play components and UI widgets for features like fiat on-ramp, providing more choices in the development process.

#Enhanced developer experience

If you’re a developer currently using Universal, you will now benefit from expanded authentication features in the new WaaS. This includes integration with preferred auth providers, additional social login options, and enhanced security features; feature releases will roll out in Q2. For inquiries about specific feature availability, contact [email protected].

#Interoperable Ecosystems

While Magic previously facilitated interoperability between any developer and dapp that uses the Magic Universal wallet, our future direction aims for interoperability among dapps within a developer’s ecosystem. We’ve seen a growing need for support in developing interoperability within developers’ specific ecosystems; thus, we are focusing our efforts here. As an example, our customer Immutable is creating a gaming universe with the Passport wallet, allowing players to seamlessly utilize identities and assets across various platforms. We are adopting a gradual approach to ensure long-term interoperability. This marks the initial phase – stay tuned for new developments as we redefine wallet interoperability.

As we move forward, expect feature updates and optimizations to enhance your experience. Your feedback is crucial; reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions about this transition.

Thanks for being part of the Magic community. The best is yet to come!

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Unifying Our WaaS Solutions