Magic at NFT NYC 2024

Michelle Hou, Senior Product Manager · April 12, 2024
Magic at NFT NYC 2024

It’s undeniable that the core technology of NFTs can be used to enhance use cases such as RWAs (real world assets), loyalty, and fan engagement. NFT NYC brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to continue exploring opportunities to bring this potential to life. ICYMI – the Magic team spoke at a few events, which we’ve recapped for you below. 

#Digital Hot Wheels & Barbie:

Our co-founder Jaemin Jin got onstage with Jason Tadros from Mattel and Brad Feinstein from AWS. We delved into how iconic brands like Hot Wheels and Barbie are leveraging NFTs to enhance the fan experience. By creating digital collectibles of these brands, Mattel is not only preserving the legacy of their physical toys but also embracing digital innovation to deepen audience engagement.

#Loyalty in a Post-Cookie World:

Magic's team took the stage at Publicis’ office with Walker Guffey of Hello Moon, Samir Addamine of Absolute Labs, and Austin Marchese of IYK, moderated by Angela Vitzthum.

We discussed how NFTs could redefine loyalty in an era where traditional tracking methods like cookies are becoming eradicated. By harnessing the transparent, immutable nature of the blockchain, brands can foster deeper connections with their customers through their loyalty programs.

#Sports Technology, On Chain:

Our partnerships lead Dylan Hattem led a panel discussion on the future of sports technology, joined by partners from Candy Digital, Rarible, and Absolute Labs. This session highlighted the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the sports industry, from enhancing fan engagement to revolutionizing athlete endorsements and memorabilia. By embracing this tech, sports organizations can unlock new revenue streams and create unique digital experiences for fans worldwide.

#Executive Pit Stop:

To cap off the week, we hosted an "Executive Pit Stop" happy hour at the Classic Car Club, alongside our partners at AWS. In attendance were industry leaders Axiom Space, Coinbase, Consensys, Disco, Franklin Templeton, Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz, Moonpay, Razorfish, Solana, Sony, and more. Through this diverse group of attendees, we underscored the collaborative spirit driving innovation in the industry, as diverse stakeholders converge to explore opportunities for growth and advancement.


NFT NYC continues to serve as a showcase of the growing integration of NFTs and blockchain technology into real world applications. From iconic brands like Hot Wheels and Barbie to forward-thinking discussions on loyalty programs and sports technology to collaborative networking events, we continue to be bullish on the potential of NFTs to reshape industries and create new opportunities for engagement, monetization, and innovation.

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