Redefining Crypto Onboarding: Powered by HashPack and Magic

Magic Marketing Team · May 1, 2024
Redefining Crypto Onboarding: Powered by HashPack and Magic

At Magic, we've always prioritized making the onboarding experience into the crypto world as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We understand that while the promise of Web3 technologies is exciting, the complexity of private keys and seed phrases can be a significant barrier for many users.

However, we also recognize that developers and users want the ability to create wallets using whichever method works best for them. 

That's why we're excited to announce that HashPack, a leading wallet for the Hedera ecosystem, has integrated Magic, allowing users to create wallets with just an email address. HashPack is a fully non-custodial wallet developed by a team of community members and professionals with decades of experience. Since its launch, HashPack has made waves in the community as the leading Hedera wallet.

We believe this integration presents a significant opportunity for developers, as it offers the ability to cater to both newcomers and those familiar with blockchain technology.


Historically, when a user logged in to HashPack to create or import an account, they would see a prompt asking them to create a new wallet and download a 24-word recovery phrase for safekeeping. While this option is comfortable for users who are familiar with managing their own recovery keys, leaving it as the only option for wallet creation was excluding a larger audience of newcomers to the space.

#Magic & HashPack's Innovation

To help onboard new users into the ecosystem, HashPack sought an easier onboarding solution and selected Magic for email-based wallet creation. With this new flow, a user can simply enter their email address, then verify the Magic Link, and HashPack will create a brand new Hedera account secured by their email. With this new flow, no recovery phrase or private key is required!

Even with this flow, users still retain full control of their account; no one else has the ability to access it except them (not even HashPack!). For many users, this removes a significant hurdle to trying out blockchain-based applications and also reduces the chances of user error. 

This seamless integration between Magic and HashPack provides users with a choice in how they create and manage their Hedera wallets. Whether they prefer the simplicity of an email login or the familiarity of managing their own private keys, Magic and HashPack are dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly experience for all. Together, we are redefining the crypto onboarding experience and making it accessible to users of all levels of expertise.

This integration enhances user convenience and marks a significant step forward for the entire crypto community, offering a more inclusive and user-friendly approach to onboarding.

If you'd like to test out integrating Magic, start today or check out our docs.

Let's make some magic!
Redefining Crypto Onboarding: Powered by HashPack and Magic