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Drop passwords.

Use magic links.

Enable customizable, future-proof, passwordless login with a few lines of code.

Securing over 20 million authentications per month
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Go Passwordless

Upgrade Security 💪

Every 1k passwords breached causes $240k in damages.

81% of breaches are due to poor passwords.

Reduce Overhead 💰

Handling 10 tickets daily will cost around $128k annually.

50% of support tickets are password-related.

Boost Conversion 🚀

Remove passwords to improve conversion rate by 54%.

Passwords increase friction by over 60%.


High Availability & Hardware Security

Reliable and fast email delivery with failover. Instead of passwords, user security is backed by elliptic curve cryptography and hardware security modules.

Deep dive into our security

Write Once, Works Everywhere

Plug-n-Play even if you have an existing auth solution. Enable users to log in via desktop, mobile, or FIDO devices.

Mobile support

Currently supported in JavaScript and will support all common languages and frameworks.

Build Future-Proof Applications

User identities are based on blockchain keypairs - unlocking new business models and eliminating platform lock-in.

Our Delegated Key Management infrastructure has been a battle-tested standard in crypto.

Endorsed by Thought-Leaders

Eric Elliott
Password-only security is obsolete and dangerously insecure. Magic links eliminate the headaches of lost or stolen passwords and protect app users. Magic is a critical step forward for app security and user experience.

Eric ElliottEric's Twitter

Author of Composing Software, EricElliottJS.com

Naval Ravikant
Magic points the way towards a world in which user identity and authentication is decentralized and not subject to control by the tech giants.

Naval RavikantNaval's Twitter

Co-founder of AngelList

Our Team

Beautiful San Francisco

We are a cybersecurity company based in San Francisco - with track record of building products users love.

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