Admin SDK Overview

Admin SDK Overview


Magic Admin SDK is the entry-point to secure and passwordless authentication for your application. It enables features such as session management, DID token validation along with many other useful features.

The Magic Admin SDK offers support for various languages and frameworks including:

#Use Cases

The following examples provide a glimpse into the versatile capabilities of the Magic Admin SDK. This is not an exhaustive list, and the applications of these tools extend beyond the mentioned scenarios.

Session Management: Securely handle user sessions within your application using session management, making sure that users benefit from a controlled and protected digital wallet tied to their accounts, enhancing overall session security. This functionality is exclusive to the Dedicated Wallet.

Token Gating: Add an additional layer of security to your application by controlling access based on token validity! The Magic Admin SDK facilitates the validation of tokens, guaranteeing that only authorized and valid tokens are accepted. This plays a crucial role in preventing unauthorized access and reinforcing the overall security of your authentication processes.

Passwordless Authentication: The passwordless authentication feature eliminates the need for users to remember and input passwords. This not only streamlines the user experience but also significantly reduces the risk of password-related vulnerabilities such as phishing attacks and password leaks.

User Metadata Retrieval: Gain access to additional information associated with user accounts. By retrieving user metadata, you gain the ability to customize and tailor your application based on individual user preferences. This empowers dynamic content adjustments and the delivery of personalized user experiences.

DID Token Validation: Verify the integrity and authenticity of user identities within your application using DID token validation. The Magic Admin SDK includes functionality to validate Decentralized Identity tokens, ensuring that users' digital identities are secure and trustworthy.

Admin SDK Overview