We believe that when it comes to building great apps, collaboration is key. That's why every Magic developer is given a personal team by default.

You can work solo, or invite up to two collaborators to your team to help integrate Magic, update branding, or manage users.

Need more than 2 seats? Subscribe to Magic's Pro Add-ons feature bundle to unlock 3 additional team seats along with other premium features. See Pricing for more details.

#Billing and Permissions

Currently, Teams consist of two basic permission levels: a team owner, and collaborators.

Owners have full control over managing their team. They're also responsible for billing. All apps within a team's Dashboard will be billed to the team owner.

Collaborators have access to nearly all Dashboard functionality, with a few exceptions. When working in another team's space, collaborators cannot delete apps, view/edit billing info, or manage the team.

#Managing your team

As a team owner you can add members, remove members, or customize your team name through the Teams page in the Account section of Dashboard.

Magic does not currently allow for the creation of new teams.

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