CENT & Magic: Crafting the Future of Digital Ownership and Creator Empowerment

The Magic Team · February 6, 2024
CENT & Magic: Crafting the Future of Digital Ownership and Creator Empowerment


  • CENT's Transformation: Evolved from a blockchain-based social network to an influential NFT platform, innovating with features like The Collect Button and digital-physical product integration, highlighted by significant sales like Jack Dorsey's tweet.

  • Partnership Impact: CENT's growth and user engagement are amplified through its strategic alliance with Magic, enhancing its blockchain accessibility and user experience.

  • Future and Community: CENT leads in the digital collectible space with a vast community and global presence, focusing on creator empowerment and redefining digital ownership and connectivity.

In a digital world where the term "unique" is often thrown around but seldom realized, CENT stands as a beacon of true innovation and authenticity. With its pioneering efforts in the realm of digital collectibles and blockchain technology, CENT has carved out a niche for itself, redefining the relationship between creators, their content, and their audience. This journey of transformation and empowerment is not just CENT's story but also a narrative of its symbiotic partnership with Magic, a relationship that has helped CENT push the boundaries of digital ownership and community engagement.

#CENT: From Social Networking Innovator to NFT Trailblazer

Launched as a pioneering social network in 2017, CENT redefined user engagement by monetizing actions like posting and upvoting through Ethereum, establishing itself as a frontrunner in blockchain-powered social platforms. The transition to the NFT domain in 2019 marked a significant leap, with CENT's Valuables platform transforming iconic tweets into prized digital collectibles, epitomized by the landmark $2.9 million sale of Jack Dorsey's inaugural tweet.

#The Collect Button: Revolutionizing Digital Collectibles

In 2023, CENT introduced The Collect Button, a testament to its commitment to democratize the digital collectible space. This innovation allows creators to effortlessly convert digital content into verified blockchain collectibles, directly engaging with their audience. Further enhancing the e-commerce landscape, CENT's Shopify plugin redefines shopping experiences by offering digital twins of purchased items, merging the physical and digital worlds and adding a layer of authenticity to each transaction.

#A Partnership Forged in Innovation: CENT and Magic

CENT's journey is a testament to its visionary leadership and its ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to redefine the creator economy. However, a significant part of this journey has been its partnership with Magic. Our highly secure wallet-as-a-service solution and ethos of making blockchains user-friendly and accessible align perfectly with CENT's mission. This partnership has enabled CENT to focus on its core mission of empowering creators while ensuring a seamless, crypto-agnostic user experience for its audience.

#The Road Ahead: Empowering Creators, Engaging Communities

CENT leads the digital revolution with 1.4 million NFTs, 76,000 collectors, and global reach in 218 countries. Transforming from a social network to a top NFT platform, CENT champions innovation and community. In partnership with Magic, CENT is reshaping the creator economy, one digital collectible at a time, redefining ownership and connection in the digital era.

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