Transforming Telegram & Discord Groups into Community-Driven Ad Networks with Token Gating

Toju Ometoruwa · September 12, 2023
Transforming Telegram & Discord Groups into Community-Driven Ad Networks with Token Gating


1. Community Power: Online communities on platforms like Telegram and Discord have high engagement rates, with users seeking more personal connections. Brands face challenges in reaching these niche audiences amidst the noise of mainstream social media.

2. NFTs & Token Gating: Platforms like Telegram and Discord can leverage token gating solutions using NFTs to transform these engaged communities into informal ad networks. Token gating could restrict access to share promotional messages based on NFT ownership, allowing brands to interact directly with specific channels and groups when they acquire an NFT.

3. Monetizing & Rewarding Engagement: Communities can monetize their collective attention by selling ad access as NFTs. Revenue from these sales would be distributed to active members, rewarding participation and ensuring targeted, effective advertising for brands.

In the current age of social media, the power of community is undeniable. For consumer facing brands, communities represent the next frontier in digital marketing:

  • Online communities yield nearly 50% active engagement, far surpassing the 0.05-5% average on social media profiles.

  • 55% of consumers want brands to use social media to help connect like-minded people with each other, while 36% are looking for communities they can belong to.

  • Engaged community members are more likely to provide valuable first-party data such as location, age, and purchase behavior.

The overwhelming amount of untargeted content on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has prompted many users to seek out niche communities on platforms like Telegram and Discord. Here, they can form closer, more personal relationships with individuals who share similar interests. As a result, brands are finding it challenging to reach authentic audiences.

#Unlocking Brand Opportunities: NFTs and Token Gating

In the midst of these challenges, there's a unique opportunity for Telegram and Discord to provide solutions that would enable brands to tap into these highly engaged audiences. Enter token gating enabled by NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and blockchain technology. These innovative technologies are poised to revolutionize the way brands interact with these niche communities, turning them into potent ad networks driven by the very members they serve. 

At its core, token gating is the practice of restricting access to certain content or communities based on the possession of a specific token, in this case, an NFT. NFTs, unique digital assets verified using blockchain technology, can represent ownership, membership, or any other form of unique identification.

#A New Age of Community Engagement: The Telegram Scenario

Imagine a bustling Telegram group with 50,000 members, all passionate about a shared interest. Each member is given the opportunity to sign up for a web3 wallet, which in turn provides them with a Soulbound NFT; a digital badge confirming their identity and cementing their membership within the group.

With this NFT in hand, members gain the power to vote on the type of promotional messages they wish to see and the frequency of these messages. It's a democratic system where the community's preferences reign supreme.

#Monetizing Community Engagement

But how does this benefit the group? The answer lies in the value of the community's collective attention. The group's administrators can sell access to their channel, granting brands the privilege to post pinned messages for a limited duration. Instead of traditional advertising methods, this access is sold as an NFT, turning it into a coveted asset. Brands can then bid for this access on NFT marketplaces, turning community engagement into a lucrative venture for these social platforms.

Currently, Telegram and Discord are limited in their ability to advertise in private channels due to data protection laws, impacting revenue. By hosting the NFT marketplace where communities and brands can trade Ad access NFTs, these platforms can generate significant revenue from trading fees on each sale. 

#Rewarding Active Participation

One of the standout features of this system is its inherent fairness. Revenue generated from the NFT sales wouldn't just go to the admins of the group. Instead, it would be distributed to the most active group members, rewarding them for their time and engagement. This could all be facilitated through each member's web3 wallet, ensuring a seamless and transparent transaction process.

#The Power of Niche Communities

The beauty of this system lies in its precision. Brands no longer scatter their messages to the wind on social media, hoping they land on receptive ears. With token gating solutions, they can target verified, niche audiences that are hyper-active within Telegram and Discord groups. As general-purpose social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter become increasingly cluttered, people are gravitating towards smaller, interest-specific communities. For brands, this means a chance to engage with audiences that are genuinely interested, making every advertising dollar count.


Token gating solutions, powered by NFTs and blockchain technology, are set to redefine community engagement and advertising on platforms like Telegram and Discord. By giving power back to the community and rewarding active participation, these solutions promise a brighter, more engaged future for both brands and audiences alike. As niche communities continue to rise in popularity, the potential for community-driven ad networks becomes increasingly evident.

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