Cook Finance Launches Support for Magic

Maricris Bonzo · March 4, 2022
Cook Finance Launches Support for Magic

We’re proud to announce that Cook Finance now features Magic integration!

#Cook Integrates Magic

With just a little bit of Magic, users no longer need a wallet to use the Cook Finance platform. Instead, their onboarding experience can be as easy as entering their email address.

#About Cook Finance

Cook Finance is an open, transparent, and secure platform that makes it easy to access and participate in the revolutionary world of DeFi. Users on Cook are able to select and create various indexes on the platform, across multiple chains like Avalanche, BNB, Ethereum and more. More specifically, Investors are able to auto-execute strategies (Read), DeFI protocols can contribute liquidity through Cook Protocol’s trade routing (Write), and Fund Managers can focus on index strategy creations (Create).

Staying true to their mission of bringing web3 to finance, the Cook Finance platform is governed by a strong community of COOK token holders.

#A Magical Synergy with Cook Finance

No matter if we’re on Amazon, the Metaverse or DeFi — one thing we can all agree on is using passwords will always be a nightmare. Now, on top of your password, try remembering a unique 12-word seed phrase for your wallet 🤦‍♀️. Magic removes all of this friction to onboarding onto web3. No need to download a browser extension wallet, no need for a password, and absolutely no seed phrases.

Instead, what you get is all this and more 🚀:

  • high conversion UX that supports 38 languages
  • highly scalable & enterprise-grade security
  • keys that are exportable and Magic never sees

Now that Cook Finance has launched support for Magic, users can seamlessly onboard onto the Cook platform.

🥳 We’re thrilled to partner with Cook Finance in making it easier to bring web3 to finance. Any questions about the partnership? Let us know in the comments section below!

Let's make some magic!