Devour's Journey: Pioneering the Future of Food Delivery with Web3

The Magic Team · January 24, 2024
Devour's Journey: Pioneering the Future of Food Delivery with Web3


  • Revolutionizing Food-Delivery: Devour's DevourGO app merges food delivery with gaming, offering unique features like AI-driven recommendations and a gamified loyalty program, targeting Gen Z and gamers, and marking a significant shift in the $997 billion U.S restaurant industry.
  • Overcoming Challenges through Partnership: Devour collaborates with Magic, integrating their Wallet-as-a-Service to simplify user onboarding, enhance security, maintain brand consistency, and ensure scalable growth in its digital platform.
  • Setting Industry Standards: The partnership between Devour and Magic leads to an improved, secure user experience, solidifying user trust, and setting new benchmarks in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the restaurant sector.

Devour is pioneering a revolutionary approach in the food delivery and restaurant marketing industry, particularly focusing on Gen Z and the gaming community. With an innovative platform named DevourGO, they are transforming how food is ordered and enjoyed in the digital age.

#Innovative Approach

Devour is not just about delivering food. It's about creating a unique, interactive experience that integrates food ordering with gaming and digital interactions. The platform gamifies the food journey, offering personalized adventures and rewards that bridge the gap between the digital and the physical world. Every action on the platform, from ordering food to participating in games, earns the user rewards, making the entire experience more engaging.

#Key Offerings

  • DevourGO App: This app is the heart of Devour's offerings. Users can order from their favorite restaurants, earn DPAY (Devour's digital currency), and engage with the gaming community. The app offers personalized recommendations powered by AI and features an array of interactive functions.

  • GoVIP - Gamified Loyalty Program: Devour’s loyalty program, GoVIP, turns every order into a quest for rewards. Users can earn points, access exclusive menus, collect NFTs, and enjoy other perks.

  • Tokenized Promotions & Player Perk Rewards: Devour introduces a unique concept of tokenized promotions, including NFTs linked to VIP access, limited-edition menu items, and rewards tied to in-game achievements. This not only enhances engagement but also fosters a deeper connection with brands.

  • Integration with Gaming: Recognizing the significant overlap between food lovers and gamers, Devour has tailored its services to meet the unique needs and preferences of the gaming community, embedding food ordering within games and social media platforms.

  • Embeddable Widgets and Tools: In 2024, Devour plans to build embeddable widgets, Twitch extensions, and Discord apps, allowing creators and influencers to engage their communities around food.

  • Token Gating & Digital Rewards: Devour uses Magic’s WaaS for user authentication and wallet creation. The platform can token gate promotions, automatically mint to user wallets, and gamify loyalty aspects. This allows for a seamless, code-free redemption of rewards and promotions.

#Major Disruptor

Devour has positioned itself as a disruptor in the $997 billion US restaurant industry by aligning itself with the digital lifestyle of Gen Z. They have managed to tap into a lucrative market, combining the massive gaming industry with the ever-growing food delivery sector. Devour has successfully launched its native digital currency DPAY and is in the process of rolling out its app, DevourGO, along with a host of innovative features aimed at redefining the food ordering experience.

By blending technology with a keen understanding of its target market, Devour is not just serving meals; it's serving up a unique digital experience, turning every meal into an interactive adventure.

#Why Choose Magic

  1. Simplified Onboarding & Invisible Wallet Experience: Magic’s solution simplifies the wallet creation process, effectively making the complex setup of Web3 wallets invisible to the user.
  2. Robust Security with Non-Custodial Wallets: Magic offers non-custodial wallets, giving users full control over their assets and minimizing Devour's exposure to counterparty risks.
  3. Seamless Brand Integration & Scalability: Magic's white-label solution allows Devour to integrate their brand identity into the wallet experience, fostering a cohesive user journey. Moreover, Magic's infrastructure can scale efficiently to accommodate Devour's growing user base.
  4. Strategic Fit & Technical Compatibility: Devour evaluated multiple options and found Magic's balance of reliability, scalability, and the combination of user authentication and wallet creation most suitable for their needs. Additionally, the PayPal investment in Magic was seen as a factor that would bring stability and scaling capabilities to the provider.

In summary, Devour is leveraging Magic's Wallet-as-a-Service to streamline and secure the digital transformation of food ordering and loyalty programs, particularly focusing on the gaming community and Gen Z, thereby redefining the intersection between the digital and culinary worlds.

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Devour's Journey: Pioneering the Future of Food Delivery with Web3