Enable 3rd Party Wallets Through Magic Connect With No-Code

The Magic Team · August 3, 2022

Magic Connect, Magic’s all-in-one Web3 user onboarding solution just became way more powerful.

Developers or Enterprises using Magic Connect no longer have to write lines of code to offer MetaMask or WalletConnect. With a simple toggle on the Magic developer dashboard, 3rd party wallets can be easily toggled on and off.

With Magic Connect, you can now easily offer both email-based non-custodial wallets and Web3 native wallets, allowing you to maximize your dApp’s user onboarding conversion rate.

Magic Connect is a developer SDK that integrates your application to enable seamless Web3 onboarding (no seed phrases, no app or extension downloads needed!) 

It comes pre-built with powerful conversion drivers and user flows:

  • Passwordless email authentication with Google one-tap login

  • Behind-the-scenes non-custodial wallet creation UX

  • Secure transaction & wallet management flow

  • Seamless fiat on-ramp payment methods

  • No code 3rd party wallet enablement

Magic Connect can be set up in minutes, leveraging standard Web3JS RPC methods along with Magic functions providing an extended feature set. 

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Enable 3rd Party Wallets Through Magic Connect With No-Code

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