Fairmint Uses Magic to Offer the Smoothest User Experience in Web 3.0

Micky Teng · May 3, 2021
Fairmint Uses Magic to Offer the Smoothest User Experience in Web 3.0

Fairmint helps startups turn their company’s equity into programmable equity, allowing teams to raise capital while they build — rather than taking time away from business to pitch investors. CAFE (Continuous Agreement for Future Equity) reimagines traditional fundraising and offers an innovative alternative that’s digital, more accessible, and more liquid. That means big benefits to founders, stakeholders, and investors.

Find out how the team at Fairmint is championing a stakeholder capitalism, with passwordless authentication powered by Magic.

#Better, passwordless UX

Aligning people to the success of a company is one of the toughest challenges for organizations of all shapes and sizes. The Fairmint model is uniquely built around community alignment, putting equity in the hands of a company’s employees, customers, partners, and fans.

Say you’re a founder. Using Fairmint, anyone in your community gets the opportunity to invest in your company at any single time, directly from your website with an “Invest now” button. Likewise, Fairmint lets you easily reward your key stakeholders by giving them a stake in your company’s future financial success.

When Thibauld Favre, CEO of Fairmint, started to tackle authentication and onboarding, he was extremely mindful about user experience. In effort to streamline onboarding, the team decided to transition from traditional password-based login to passwordless. The shift was a game-changer.

With the rapid rise in NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Fairmint intentionally wanted to appeal to mainstream users newer to the crypto ecosystem. Crypto wallets like MetaMask are too complex for broader audiences, requiring multiple steps and upfront explanation.

Emailed magic links, however, offer the perfect bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Users can simply log in through a passwordless flow they’re already familiar with.

“Magic is by far the smoothest UX in Web 3.0.”

Beyond major improvements in speed, design, and ease of use, Thibauld counts “easy implementation” for developers and “super proactive, responsive customer support” as other compelling reasons why he and his team are happy customers who have advocated for Magic since the beginning.

You can watch the onboarding here.

#Non-custodial as non-negotiable

Another significant factor for Fairmint was staying non-custodial.

Why? The non-custodial nature of DeFi wallets ensures users can safely store their own funds without having to rely on third-party institutions to hold their assets. For Fairmint, it’s a hard requirement to align with the standard for trust amongst crypto communities.

“We were confident with Magic because it’s non-custodial.”

#Support for Fairmint’s mission

For a mission-driven company like Fairmint, it was critical to integrate a decentralized auth solution and remain non-custodial, without compromising a great user experience. Magic not only solves auth for developers, but the team is also more empowered to achieve their mission.

“We can only do what we do because we’re non-custodial. Magic helps tremendously with that. It’s a key part of our value, enabling customers to host the Fairmint experience on their website, without the need to become regulated.”

What’s next? Scaling and growing alongside Magic. From the latest features to proactive support for modern blockchains, Fairmint is thrilled to build on the partnership with Magic and stay laser-focused on helping the world move towards an ownership economy.

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Fairmint Uses Magic to Offer the Smoothest User Experience in Web 3.0