Magic and Fan Pass: Seamless Digital Identity for E-Commerce

Team Magic · November 14, 2023
Magic and Fan Pass: Seamless Digital Identity for E-Commerce

The rise of the creator economy has quickly transformed industries as brands look beyond traditional channels to earn more “bang for their buck.” Over the next five years, this burgeoning economy is projected to nearly double to $480 billion (compared to its current $250 billion market share). Fueling this massive opportunity are the fans of creators. Yet, these same fans lack a means of directly engaging with the world’s biggest creators—creating a gap when it comes to forming unique connections and ultimately sustaining the creator economy. 

But the future of the creator economy is about to get a major overhaul with Fan Pass—the digital key that’s re-writing the rules of fan engagement and creating new revenue streams for some of the world’s biggest creators.

Why Fan Pass Stands Out

Fan Pass is not your average fan engagement platform. The brainchild of Push Entertainment’s self-serve tools brand, CIRKAY,  Fan Pass helps creators harness the power of fan engagement to create new revenue streams. 

From direct-to-consumer (D2C) stores to websites and social media, Fan Pass seamlessly operates across various platforms so fans can unlock gated access to an array of exclusive benefits and rewards from their favorite creators. Among these benefits? Behind-the-scenes videos, in-store discounts, early access to content, exclusive products and more.

Unlike conventional fan engagement platforms that often pressure creators to churn out constant new content, Fan Pass was meticulously designed to empower creators to maintain dynamic connections with their fan base—without the relentless demand for fresh content.

Under the Hood: Behind the Magic of Fan Pass

But what truly sets Fan Pass apart is its adoption of anonymous blockchain technology and the seamless integration of Magic’s instant, web3 wallets. This collaboration enables GDPR-compliant cross-audience marketing, safeguarding user privacy while delivering a tailored and personalized fan experience.

The result of this groundbreaking partnership is evident in the launch of the Gals Who Read Book Token, created in collaboration with leading publisher Hachette. For just £9.99, members of the 300,000-strong Gals Who Read Facebook Group can gain access to a treasure trove of benefits—like a year's worth of weekly insider digest emails, community recommendations, and exclusive offers and discounts.

What’s more, getting started is as simple as a few clicks. By harnessing the power of Magic to streamline the Fan Pass purchase process, CIRKAY enables fans to effortlessly purchase their pass directly from Shopify and claim it with a Magic wallet. Together, CIRKAY and Magic are transforming the relationship between creator and fan by unlocking discounts, exclusive products and a wealth of engaging content.

“Our goal when we developed Fan Pass was to do for the NFT what the iPod did for the MP3. We needed a clean, easy-to-use UX that consumers were familiar with,” says Simon Scott, Founder & CXO of CIRKAY and Push Entertainment. “This needed to be backed up with flexible APIs and development tools so our solution could evolve—Magic was the clear winner.”

A new era in fan engagement is here, one that seamlessly integrates fan recognition, rewarding experiences, and exclusive content access to revolutionize the way creators and fans interact. 

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Magic and Fan Pass: Seamless Digital Identity for E-Commerce