How Magic auth saves over 50 hours a month

Maricris Bonzo · May 10, 2021
How Magic auth saves over 50 hours a month

If you’re a software developer student looking for impactful internships or a company looking to hire from top campuses, is your go-to place.

Read on to learn more about how chose Magic for “set it and forget it” passwordless login.

#A long-term advocate of Magic is a marketplace that matches students with companies in the form of an internship. Their network of club leads at colleges and student organizations finds the best student developers interested in working at startups. These students can then opt into companies in hiring rounds once a month. This streamlines the hiring process and makes it easier to find the right match within a week!

When the pandemic hit, Daniel Lee, CTO of, observed that software students were losing their internships. Inspired by the helpful co-op¹ program he participated in at the University of Waterloo, he sought to build to unlock other opportunities for these students.

Because internships are time-bound, Daniel’s team launched as quickly as possible with a beta. The goal was to validate the need for As soon as their close network expressed interest, they set out to meet their initial launch. But first, they needed a secure means of authentication.

Choosing an auth solution was an easy task. Having used the Magic SDK in previous consulting projects (and even recommending it to colleagues), Daniel considers himself a long-term advocate of Magic.

Thanks to helpful documentation and superb customer support, Daniel’s team went with Magic passwordless auth and was able to keep up’s momentum with a successful public launch on Product Hunt.

#Adopting Magic

As with all good things, Daniel learned about Magic through a connection at his previous consulting firm. Because he was interested in blockchain technology at the time, he was curious to learn more about Magic and how it uses the Ethereum blockchain and elliptic curve cryptography to generate verifiable proofs of identity and authorization.

Once he read Magic’s whitepaper and dug a little deeper into the API, he realized how cool and easy it was to integrate with. At the end of the day, he was convinced that Magic would be the alternative of his choice; not just for this consulting project, but also for other projects that came after…including!

If you’re a company or student looking for an internship match, take a look at and see how they can help you.

You can watch the onboarding here.

#A “set it and forget it” auth solution

Since adopting Magic, Daniel and his team never have to deal with a password reset. Which is great, especially during their short, high signup volume periods when they’re launching the next round of job postings. The seamless user onboarding and logging in process guarantees that users are able to log in easily.

“The best part about Magic, for, is that we don’t have to think about authentication.”

Now, they save over 50 hours per month because Magic reduces their auth bug incident rate significantly.

Had built their own auth solution, they would have had to deal with automated emails (that verify user login), implementing a social login (that may be prone to errors), and more. By outsourcing their auth solution to Magic, can focus efforts on their mission: helping students and companies find the perfect internship match.

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