How Minisocial Saved Valuable Time, Resources, and Migration Headaches

Micky Teng · May 3, 2021
How Minisocial Saved Valuable Time, Resources, and Migration Headaches

Minisocial is a user-generated content (UGC) platform for brands that want to showcase their product in the wild, drive acquisition, or build community.

Using Magic, Minisocial removed critical friction for customers and creators. In addition, offloading authentication opened up more opportunities to grow the business. And when it came time for a massive account migration, going passwordless helped the team proactively support customers and notably cut down the time spent on overhead.

#From zero to one

Producing fully-licensed UGC assets with top-notch creators is a common challenge for brands. Inspired by this need and his experience working in the agency world, Austin Rogers co-founded Minisocial. The primary goal: connect brands with micro influencers on demand and at scale.

Since 2019, Minisocial has grown to launch campaigns for global brands including Doordash, SANZO, and more. From bespoke posts to native advertising and product features, Minisocial offers a wide range of content capabilities that deliver amplification, engagement, and performance.

#Frictionless onboarding — no passwords required

Starting a business from the ground up is often seen as a masterclass in prioritization. With the majority of his focus on highest-priority initiatives, Austin considered authentication an afterthought. It was Bean, the design and development agency steering the web platform, that strongly recommended Magic.

For the developers at Bean, implementing Magic was “plug and play.” During a weekly All Hands meeting, the agency demoed the magic link signup flow live — already built. From that immediate impression, Austin saw adopting passwordless auth as a no-brainer that naturally aligned with their company principles and business objectives.

“The more we can get out of users’ way during signup, the better. That’s a big part of the design ethos for us. Magic fit really well into that. When users want to login, they enter the one piece of data you need, and then you’re done. It’s super cool.”

As a dual-sided marketplace, Minisocial’s goal was to optimize for conversion across customers and creators. They were clearly focused on minimizing the number of unnecessary actions users have to take before gaining value and accessing the platform.

“Every time we introduce any friction, we’re turning away money. On the brand side, that means turning away work. On the creator side, the risk is losing someone along the way because they’re frustrated with onboarding.

You can watch the onboarding here.

#Migration from months to minutes

Beyond an intuitive integration and seamless signup flow, going passwordless offered another key benefit: massive time savings.

When the team needed to migrate a year’s worth of existing user data to the new platform, Magic provided a means for Minisocial to offer best-in-class customer support. With the ability to set up secure, email-based accounts on the backend, there was no need to ask brands and creators to re-establish their credentials. As soon as the platform was generally available, customers could simply enter in their email and proceed as if they had created the profiles themselves.

Handling customer support in addition to executing the migration could have taken months. Fortunately, with Magic it was taken care of in just an afternoon.

“Magic solves problems that I didn’t even know I had. It’s been game-changing in terms of letting our team focus on what’s going to move the needle for us.”

#An all-in-one solution

Thanks to Magic, Minisocial was able to streamline user onboarding, ship faster, and migrate effortlessly.

Overall, by implementing a single solution that abstracts away the complexity of passwordless authentication, Minisocial gained back meaningful time to invest in the company’s growth.

“Magic saves us time the same way Stripe does for us. If I had unlimited funds and unlimited time, I’m sure we could make a credit card processing tool that is custom-built for Minisocial. Stripe does payment processing infinitely better than a homegrown solution because they’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, money, and talent. I view Magic the exact same way. This is a powerful plug and play tool that’s going to think years ahead. And it works right out of the box.”

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