Simplifying Dev Experiences for the Aptos Blockchain Ecosystem

Team Magic · September 14, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Magic has integrated Aptos to transform how developers build new apps and user experiences on the Layer-1 blockchain. Aptos joins more than 20 blockchains already supported by Magic including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and more.

Aptos developers can now enjoy an unparalleled toolkit for creating exceptional applications using Web3 technologies.

“When building, everything starts with devs—this is key to Magic’s core,” said Arthur Jen, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at Magic. ‘By integrating Magic’s SDK with Aptos, we’re enabling its developer ecosystem to experiment with and customize their applications on Aptos while reducing time-to-market.”

Streamlining Development with Magic

With the integration of Magic's state-of-the-art SDK, developers building on Aptos can more easily incorporate essential Web3 functionalities into their applications. From passwordless login to best-in-class UI, token management and NFTs, Magic empowers developers to focus on building remarkable user experiences rather than spending valuable time configuring fundamental features from scratch. With only a few lines of code required to get started, Aptos developers can also enjoy key benefits such as:

  • Effortless Integration: Minimize time-to-market and eliminate the complexity of implementing UX features with Magic's developer-centric SDKs and APIs.

  • Flexible Customization: Choose from a wide selection of authentication options, NFT tooling, UI widgets and configuration options to suit their use case.

  • Elevated Security: Trusted enterprise-grade security underlined by Magic’s patented Delegated Key Management System (DKMS).

  • Freedom of Identity: Developers can choose their preferred identity provider to easily convert existing app users into Web3 wallet owners.

  • Full Control: Easily onboard users to non-custodial, browser-based wallets powered by Magic’s DKMS to give app users full control from the start.

Kickstarting Web3 Innovation

With seamless integration, heightened security and faster development cycles, Aptos developers are now more equipped than ever to create groundbreaking applications that redefine user experiences in the Web3 era. Magic is thrilled to integrate Aptos, which marks a significant step toward our mission of enabling developers with tools that inspire engaging user-centric applications and experiences.

Are you curious about how Magic can enhance your ability to engage customers through the power of Web3? If you're excited about the potential of integrating Magic's technology, get in touch.  You can also get started with the developer docs.

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Simplifying Dev Experiences for the Aptos Blockchain Ecosystem