Magic at HackOn2.0

Mohammad Shahbaz Alam · July 30, 2021
Magic at HackOn2.0

At Magic, we love to be where developers hang out. As a Developer Advocate, it’s especially fun to connect with devs dreaming up big ideas and hacking them into reality.

Back in April, the HackOn2.0 team reached out to me to talk about getting Magic involved in their next hackathon. We jumped at the opportunity and were so glad to support the HackOn2.0’s vibrant community.

HackOn 2.0 is a week-long, global digital hackathon organized by Aditya Oberai, Rishabh Bansal, and team to bring developer’s ideas from inception to reality. This year’s edition focused on fostering innovation and also raised awareness on mental health and diversity.

A lot of people dedicated time to participate! 8,298 people registered. In total, there were 370 teams of 2–4 members each.

Participants built their hackathon projects based on these tracks:

Magic was proud to be a platinum sponsor. In addition, I was personally psyched to also be a mentor during the hackathon. The learning session set up for May 27th helped participants understand what Magic is and how to get started with it.

For the mentor session, you can catch the full video recording here.

“Best Hack built with Magic” was one of the categories for participants, in addition to the primary tracks. The participants were allowed to choose more than one sponsored track. We had the following prizes for participants:

It was exciting to see that 15% of all projects were built with Magic!

When it came to evaluating projects, selecting the winners was not an easy task. All of the projects were amazing and well-aligned to the primary track. In the end, we landed on the top 3 hacks that were focused on solving real problems and have utilized the best possible tech stack in this short time. A key criteria considered was how appropriately the project has implemented the Magic integration.

Without further ado, here are the winners — along with the problem they are solving, the technology used, important links, and their team members.


#1. WeCare by Eternals

#Problem it solves

WeCare predicts the health risks to your body based on your daily health. The ongoing pandemic made everyone learn the importance of being healthy and how daily activities and diet play a major role in being healthy. Team Eternals wanted to alert the users of WeCare about any risk associated with a deficiency or unhealthy lifestyle by showing graphs and predictions using machine learning. WeCare has a smart predict feature that helps uncover latent diseases and predict the risk of future ones. Patients will be able to review medical conditions and reach their treatment goals much faster, lowering the risk of serious health complications.

#Technology used

ReactJS, Python, Django, Apollo, GraphQL, Heroku, Firebase, Magic

#Team Members

Harmanjit Singh, Kunal Khullar, Gurleen Kaur, and Paritosh Arora

#Important Links

Frontend Backend Video demo

#2. ShopZop by Etherbots

#Problem it solves

The Covid-19 Pandemic has hit the small and medium-size businesses hard as they relied on their in-shop customers and had very little or no digital presence at all. And with the lockdown and movement restrictions, these businesses have suffered a lot. Team Etherbots came together to help connect the shop owners with customers and helping them. A simple solution was to harness the power of an application that almost every Smartphone user uses in India — WHATSAPP!. It will increase their online reach and solve the problem along with some revenue.

#Technology used

ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphCMS, GraphQL, WhatsApp, Magic

#Team Members

Ayush Jain and Bhuvanesh Shathyan

#Important Links

A video demo of the product.

#3. Debately by tier-4

#Problem it solves

Team tier-4 believes that debates help us have healthy discussions and solve problems within the society, helping us build a diverse and inclusive society. In the last few years, online and TV debates have been downgraded, and Tier-4 team members paired up to build an AI-based audio chat for the web using react, magic, webRTC, and to conduct and practice healthy debates. Debately enables individuals from all backgrounds, irrespective of race, religion, and region, to come together and debate on controversial or sensitive topics, share their opinions, or simply improve their language and communication skills while maintaining anonymity.

#Technology used

ReactJS, WebRTC, FastAPI, MongoDB, SymblAI, Firebase, Magic

#Team Members

Sanket Shevkar, Pranav Pathare, Aaryan Srivastava, and Gatij Taranekar

#Important Links

Live demo Video demo

HackOn2.0 not only let us to see how Magic fit into someone’s project and learn what features are performing well, but it also allowed us to connect with individuals, get to know them, and understand their perspectives related to solving real-world problems across topics like diversity and inclusion, mental health and awareness, Covid impact, and open innovation.

We were inspired to see participants tackle a specific problem statement, how devs interacted with different technologies, and successfully built a live demo in a few days. All while working remotely, too!

Overall, it was a very fun three days of meeting with community members. We gathered feedback and better understood the use case for Magic. It was also a great opportunity to collect more insights on improving product documentation for a better developer experience.

We look forward to participating in upcoming hackathons and further engaging with the developer community.

If you have any upcoming hackathons/meetups/conferences and want us to be part of your event, reach out to me on our Discord server with the details!

Let's make some magic!