Build, Run, and Scale dApps With Ease With Magic Connect

Ryan Walters · July 8, 2022
Build, Run, and Scale dApps With Ease With Magic Connect

#Reimagining the Onboarding Process

In order to onboard the next billion users into the Web3 space, we need to make it as easy as possible for newcomers to the space to interact with the applications being built. At Magic Labs, we worked together with developers and end users to create the most user friendly onboarding experience possible, without sacrificing security. 

We call it Magic Connect.

Magic Connect provides a frictionless onboarding experience to mainstream users by offering passwordless email based authentication & wallet creation.

#Passwords are a major source of onboarding and conversion funnel friction.

Remembering new passwords is a hassle.

More often than not this results in a user's tendency to set passwords that are easy to crack, yet hard to remember, and account recovery support can be costly. 50% of all support tickets are related to lost and forgotten passwords. Handling 10 tickets daily will cost your organization around $128,000 annually! [source]

By simply removing passwords you reduce the number of login/signup steps by over 66%. This can increase conversion rates by 54% as reported by eCommerce websites. [source]

By delegating authentication to a user's email, mobile, or hardware device, they no longer have to wrestle with remembering passwords for the ever-increasing number of services that they interact with.

For users in the Web3 or NFT space, not only does this mean new passwords for each new service, but a new seed phrase to keep track of as well. You can see how this might start to become overwhelming very quickly, especially for those new to the space.

We envision a future without passwords or seed phrases.

Magic Connect is your all-in-one SSO solution for Web3 experiences, allowing you to build, run, and scale dApps with ease.

With only a few lines of code you can offer your customers:

  • Painless integration: With only a few lines of code, you’ll be ready to go in just minutes. Forget months of development.
  • Simple onboarding: Passwordless logins allow for the easiest onboarding experience available.
  • Wallet creation and non-custodial key management: No more remembering complicated seed phrases when creating wallets for Web3 applications.
  • Secure transactions: Seamless and secure on-ramp capabilities.
  • Cross-dApp functionality: Natively compatible with fastest-growing blockchains and dApps.
  • Multi-chain support: Magic Connect is compatible with both Ethereum and Polygon, with more EVM chains coming soon!
  • Connect with your users: Get 54% higher conversion rates by going passwordless.
  • Trusted solution: Magic’s solutions are trusted amongst trailblazers across gaming, NFTs, DeFi, and Web3 communities.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance: Magic Labs is SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR & CCPA compliant.
  • Easy walkthrough guides: Installation will be a breeze with our easy to follow guides and detailed developer documentation.
  • Support is here for you: Our team of experts are here for you should you ever run into questions along the way.

At Magic, it's our mission to create a safer, more authentic internet for everyone to enjoy, and we won’t rest until we’ve helped onboard the next billion mainstream users into the NFT/Web3 space. We believe Magic Connect could be a big step towards achieving our ambitious goal.

Join the waitlist today for early access to our flagship Magic Connect product:

Let's make some magic!