Magic Product Updates: April Edition

Micky Teng · April 20, 2021
Magic Product Updates: April Edition

The sun is shining, the birds are singing — it’s officially Spring.

At Magic, we’re channeling a renewed sense of energy into the product to help you achieve better performance, scalability, and security for your apps. And as you build, there are new, fun ways to connect and grow together with the developer community.

In this post, I’ll share a brief “behind the scenes” look at some key updates for this month:

#🚀 Meet the new homepage

If you’ve been to recently, you might have noticed some changes.

A new narrative, a new look and feel — plus, a friendly ghost mascot!

So, why the changes? The short answer is to better capture what makes Magic truly unique and unlike other passwordless auth solutions on the market.

After a busy first quarter to the new year, we found ourselves at an interesting point in the roadmap: the product was maturing at a fast clip and new updates were outpacing what was communicated on the website. It was time to align the two.

That’s why we refreshed our homepage to showcase new features, brand ethos (say hello to Hiro, our mascot extraordinaire), robust benefits, security expertise, blockchain-based identity and auth, customers, and Magic’s overall commitment to a great developer experience.

Our goals were to highlight:

  • Our mission
  • The problems Magic solves for devs
  • What differentiates Magic

Rolling auth from scratch is challenging. What if you could avoid reinventing the wheel, side-step the liability of passwords, and at the same time contribute to creating a safer internet? Magic ticks all of these boxes and then some.

“Plug and play auth” is as simple as it sounds. Check out our new site to learn about our newest features.

#💫 Introducing Close-up Magic Meetups

At Magic, we’re big believers in the power of community.

Our team saw an opportunity for a dedicated space where developers could sharpen both technical and soft skills, so we set out to create it.

In March, we started mapping out a new kind of virtual meetup series. One that’s equally fun and engaging. Monthly meetups that bring developers closer together to inspire and learn from each other.

Which leads us to the name. Close-up Magic is a term used to describe magic — typically card tricks or coin tricks — performed up close, as opposed to on a stage. Other than proximity to the audience, the main difference between close-up magic and stage magic is the type of skill involved. This felt like the perfect metaphor for the learning environment we’re aiming to foster: an intimate round table setting in support of up-leveling skills.

Last Thursday we launched the very first event of the series, themed Happy Hour with the Magicians. Developers gathered to discuss blockchain and dive deeper into Magic’s identity tech through a lightning convo with our CEO, Sean Li.

“Very inspiring” — Anthony, Senior Software Engineer

“I heard from another attendee the desire to learn Solidity, the language of the Ethereum blockchain. The enthusiasm inspired me to pick it up again and start building!”

— Ben, Magic’s Security Lead

We can’t wait to shape the future of these monthly meetups with you and incorporate your feedback and wish lists along the way.

To stay up-to-date on the upcoming line-up and happenings, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.

RSVP here in advance to join the next meetup!

#⛓️ Support for Flow, a modern blockchain for NFTs

Now you can add Flow to the list of blockchains you can build decentralized apps on.

Flow is a fast, modern, and developer-friendly blockchain that also powers next generation apps and platforms including CryptoKitties and NBA TopShot. Use Magic to seamlessly onboard users without passwords and tap into the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to unlock innovative business models.

This doc covers the easy steps to set up the new Flow extension.

Magic and Dapper Labs, the team behind Flow, share a vision for a crypto world. We’re excited to champion the Web 3.0 community with this new feature.

#🛡️ Coming Soon: More Privacy Features and Compliance Certifications

Magic has successfully completed fieldwork for a comprehensive GDPR compliance audit.

To ensure compliance with every article of the policy, you may see a few changes coming soon to grant you even more rights and strengthen our commitment to user privacy and respect.

This will be a big year for compliance and privacy at Magic, and we look forward to all the ways we can demonstrate our commitment to our users and our community!

As a team that 💜 developers, it’s the ultimate win-win when devs are empowered to ship faster and focus on what matters most for their users, while working in a security and privacy-focused environment.

Hope you give these updates a spin, and as always, appreciate your feedback!

Let's make some magic!