Magic Product Updates: October Edition

David Meyer · November 1, 2021
Magic Product Updates: October Edition

#Magic Product Updates: October Edition

It’s David here from Magic. I am joining as one of the newest Magicians and as Product Lead. I am excited to welcome you to our October product update!

Since our last update, we’ve launched new features that make it even faster for you to get started with Magic and reach more customers.

In this post, I’ll cover the latest highlights and improvements.

#Magic Login Form

Now with Magic, you can integrate a full end-to-end login solution to your web app with just two script tags. Your web app is future-proof as all login options and brand settings can be controlled through the Magic dashboard. Magic Login Form provides a complete login solution giving you full access to passwordless login and social logins. Magic Login Form provides a login form optimized for conversion and gives you control over your branding. All customizations can be configured from the Magic dashboard without requiring additional code updates.

To get started, head to our documentation here. Magic Login Form is compatible with allow list and block list, session management, and other features.

#SMS Login

Did I mention SMS login? In October, we released passwordless login support for short message service (SMS). With SMS login, any customer with a mobile phone can use their mobile phone number to login to your web app on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. To login, the customer will provide their mobile phone number instead of an email or other username and password combination. Next they will receive a one-time code and enter that to complete their login to your application.

SMS login has several advantages including:

  • Mobile phones are popular in markets all around the world and can expand your application’s reach.
  • SMS login provides a convenient way for your customers to get signed in because it does not require a context change and users often have a mobile phone nearby.
  • Returning customers don’t need to remember a password to get signed in. This can improve your customer retention and eliminate your forgotten password support cost.
  • SMS login allows you to verify the mobile phone number for each new registered user when they complete login.

To get started, open your Magic dashboard and navigate to Passwordless Login. From there, you can enable SMS in one click. SMS is compatible with the Magic Login Form, web, React Native, and Magic’s Wordpress plugin. Users who sign up on your website will show in your user dashboard. SMS is supported in 38 locales. For more information, see our SMS doc here.

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#Bitcoin Support

Web 3.0 developers can now connect to the Bitcoin blockchain using Magic. Bitcoin is the world’s most recognizable digital currency and offers a way for developers to connect their decentralized apps (dApps) with mainstream customers. Developers who enable this will be able to onboard new customers easily with Magic’s passwordless user login and a Bitcoin wallet address. Bitcoin is just one of the 18 blockchains Magic currently offers. Head over to our guide to integrate Bitcoin today!

#Flutter SDK

We are also excited to share that you can now bring passwordless login to your iOS and Android-based Flutter apps with the new Magic Flutter SDK. Flutter has taken off as an efficient framework for developers to build iOS and Android based apps for both platforms, once. The Magic Flutter SDK speeds up your time to market and gives you flexibility to use popular Social and passwordless logins. To learn more, visit our docs here.


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