Moralis Launches Support for Magic

Maricris Bonzo · February 3, 2022
Moralis Launches Support for Magic

#Moralis Integrates Magic

Moralis, the leading Web3 development platform, now features integration for Magic. Those who build dapps on Moralis can enhance their onboarding flow with Magic.

With just a few lines of code, your Moralis Web3 project can have a low-friction, high conversion email-link login (#passwordless). The best part? The sign up info from Magic is automatically synced into the Moralis database and is updated in real-time as users make on-chain transactions.

This integration is in alignment with our goal of bringing the next billion users to web3. Moralis and Magic cuts web3 development time by providing developer-friendly and future-proof infrastructure tools that abstracts away the underlying blockchain tech. The end result? Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis answers this question best:

We couldn’t be happier to launch our Magic integration. It makes total sense for us to combine Moralis’ seamless Web3 development tools with Magic’s silky-smooth user authentication. At the end of the day, this will empower both developers and users, by dramatically reducing onboarding friction for Web3 projects.

Over 65,000 blockchain projects are already using Moralis’ software and APIs to easily scale their dApps. Now these projects have the opportunity to easily enhance their onboarding flow with Magic.

#About Moralis

Moralis truly is the ultimate Web3 development platform. They make it easy to do everything from building Ethereum dapps, creating BSC tokens, designing a great Web3 UI, and so much more.

Under the hood, they’ve got a bleeding-edge blockchain infrastructure that’s fully managed and infinitely scalable. Building your dapp on their infrastructure allows you to build and deploy scalable dapps at breakneck speed as it removes the barriers of manually setting up, managing and maintaining your dapp’s backend.

NFT developers who are wanting to seamlessly build an NFT marketplace, trading interface or token, be sure to check out the Moralis NFT API. As for the developers building dapps and web3 games for the Metaverse, the Moralis Metaverse SDK will empower you to build with Unity and publish on any of the impressive gaming ecosystems supported by Moralis including Xbox, Playstation and more!

#A Powerful Synergy

It’s no question that Moralis and Magic forms a powerful synergy to make both developer and end-user lives easier. We look forward to seeing the Moralis Web3 projects that offer a seamless and delightful user onboarding flow using Magic.

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