Magic Announces NFT Checkout and Minting for Seamless NFT Onboarding

The Magic Team · April 11, 2023
Magic Announces NFT Checkout and Minting for Seamless NFT Onboarding

With nearly 250 NFT collections launched by web2 brands in 2022 alone, it’s clear the demand for NFTs continues to increase. With the growing consumer interest, it's becoming more important than ever for brands and creators to provide a simple and user-friendly way for web3 newcomers to onboard. To meet this need, Magic has recently launched two new products – NFT Minting and Checkout – designed to streamline the NFT process for end-users while also increasing conversions for our customers.

Launching an NFT collection or new marketplace can be a daunting task for brands that want to reach a large audience, and buying an NFT today can be confusing, especially for new users who are not familiar with crypto or wallets. Brands that force users through multiple steps to purchase crypto, create a wallet, and transfer crypto to their wallet are hurting overall conversion as each additional step in onboarding risks losing customers before a successful NFT purchase.

This is what the typical NFT purchase process looks like today:

At Magic, we recognize the need to simplify this process and build a frictionless experience for those new to web3. Through our web3 onboarding solutions, Magic has helped our customers continuously achieve higher user conversion on their apps. Our newest features, NFT Checkout and Minting, are designed to reduce the number of steps required in NFT purchases, and combined with Magic’s Wallet SDK it will help brands build intuitive, seamless end-to-end NFT experiences.

NFT Checkout: simplify the purchase process

Partnering with Sardine, Magic now offers NFT Checkout which allows your users to purchase NFTs without the cumbersome processes of having to buy crypto or use fiat onramps. NFT Checkout supports direct purchases with Credit, Debit, Instant Bank ACH. In addition, it offers streamlined KYC and enterprise-grade payment processing and fraud & compliance technology.

NFT Minting: deliver NFTs seamlessly to wallets

Magic’s Minting service makes delivering NFTs to your end users as easy as an API call. It supports custom smart contracts, and there's no need for you to manage a crypto balance or require users to own crypto. You can also offer gasless transactions– making NFT purchases easy for first time buyers who are new to web3. After NFTs are minted, your users can view their assets directly in their Magic Wallets.

With the launch of our newest NFT services, Magic can help you build and launch your next airdrop, NFT collection, or marketplace. To learn more about NFT Minting and Checkout, request early access here.

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Magic Announces NFT Checkout and Minting for Seamless NFT Onboarding