Build at ETHDenver with Magic and our new NFT Template

Magic DevRel · March 1, 2023
Build at ETHDenver with Magic and our new NFT Template

Today we released our first developer starter kit, an open-source NFT template. Use this template to kickstart your Next.js NFT marketplace or dApp, reducing hours of work to minutes. This Next.js NFT template comes out of the box with code for authentication, fiat onramp, minting NFTs, viewing NFT collections, and web3 token gating. 

Try the demo or visit the repo/guide.  

At Magic, we’re seeing a wave of major brands adopt web3 strategies for customer engagement, loyalty, rewards, gaming, community, and more, but one of the core challenges web2 companies face is finding developers who understand web3 technologies and training their existing engineering teams on web3. 

Magic is working to improve the developer experience (DX) of all developers in web3. We’ve learned from our web3 Wallet SDK that DX goes hand-in-hand with UX, which motivated us to remove the friction from starting new dApps with this starter kit. A simple and powerful SDK for wallet onboarding means developers spend more time building what they want to build - great dApps that engage customers and communities. 

We’d love your feedback on this Next.js NFT Template on GitHub, and share what you’ve built with this NFT template on Twitter or the Magic Discord for a chance to get swag!

#ETHDenver Bounty

For those with us at ETHDenver and participating in the hackathon, we think this template will give you an edge on earning bounties. Magic has contributed $5,000 in bounties:

  • 1st place - $3000
  • 2nd place - $1000
  • Template winner - $1000

To win bounty from Magic, you must submit a compelling project with seamless user onboarding using the Magic Wallet SDK (Magic Connect). We’ll also have a prize for the best open-source template created (see if you can improve on ours or come up with something entirely new). We hope the template will help you focus more time on developing your idea since you won’t have to start from scratch.

Acceptance Criteria:

1. User Experience: Project offers an end-to-end seamless user experience with incredible user onboarding with Magic Wallet

2. Originality: Project is resourceful and uses various smart contract protocols and libraries.

3. Practicality: Project is pragmatic and solves real world problems with decentralized technology.

Participants should use the full feature set, including configuration options outlined in the docs. Judging will prioritize full MVPs, but creative implementation of the feature is also acceptable. We look for projects that show a steady commit trail and thought process, including sketches, discussions, and issues during the decision-making process. Any challenges or benefits encountered in the developer experience should be listed. 

Stop by our booth in the “NFT Village” by the coffee station to ask questions or get help. 

#How to onboard the next billion web3 users

The next billion people joining web3 will not go through the pains of early wallets and marketplaces that early adopters did. Similar to later adopters of the internet, who waited for companies like Paypal, Amazon, and Shopify to dramatically reduce friction in online purchases, the next billion web3 users are waiting for the streamlined onboarding and checkout they’ve become used to. This is why Magic’s SDK onboards users without downloads, extensions, or seed phrases.

Users and companies alike are also becoming aware of the risks of custodial wallets, which is why Magic’s solution is non-custodial by design. Developers using Magic can’t ever access end-user keys. The keys are also encrypted from Magic and the end-user (this abstraction is what makes the experience seamless for the end-user), but the end-user can decrypt and export their keys if they want to migrate their wallet and assets.

We’re looking forward to what you can build for the next billion!

Let's make some magic!
Build at ETHDenver with Magic and our new NFT Template