Puma x Roc Nation: A Phygital Symphony Powered by Legitimate and Magic

The Magic Team · March 21, 2024
Puma x Roc Nation: A Phygital Symphony Powered by Legitimate and Magic

Music lovers and sneakerheads, lend us your ears (and eyes). We're here to talk about a collaboration that's more than a product – it's a phygital experience orchestrated by Puma, Roc Nation, and the technological magic of Magic.

This isn't just another sneaker drop, it's the "Evolution of the Mixtape" collection – a unique blend of iconic Puma footwear and exclusive digital experiences celebrating the history of Hip-Hop.

But before we get into the fire beats and fresh kicks, let's give a big shout out to Legitimate, the visionary minds behind this innovative concept.

Legitimate, with their keen eye for the future, recognized the potential of web3 to create deeper connections between brands and consumers. They partnered with Magic to turn their vision into reality, and that's where we come in.

Magic provided the technology that makes this phygital experience sing. We seamlessly connect users with their digital wallets, ensuring a smooth and secure journey into the world of exclusive content.

So, how does it work?

  1. Cop a pair of the "Evolution of the Mixtape" Puma sneakers. Choose from three fire colorways, each representing a different era of music – Cassette Tape, Disc, and Playlist.
  1. Look for the special LGT tag under the tongue of the shoe. This is your key to unlocking the digital experience.
  2. Tap the tag with your phone and log-in with Magic to activate the digital experience. Don't worry, even crypto newbies can navigate Magic with ease.
  3. Bam! You're in. Now you can access exclusive music content, behind-the-scenes footage, and other goodies curated by Roc Nation, all thanks to the power of web3, the Magic wallet, and the innovation of Legitimate.

So, how is it going? Go to the Puma site and you’ll see that most of the shoes are gone, so that’s a pretty good sign. There are still some left at Foot Locker and Champs. Bottom line…these shoes are incredibly cool, which is why they are going fast.

The "Evolution of the Mixtape" collection is a testament to the power of vision and collaboration. 

Legitimate's foresight and Magic's technology have created a unique experience that pushes the boundaries of brand engagement and consumer connection. This is just the beginning of the phygital future, and we're excited to be a part of it. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Grab a pair of these history-making sneakers, tap the tag, and experience the future of music and fashion, powered by Magic and the vision of Legitimate.


The Mixtape Collection is a special edition of the Puma RS-XL created in 2023 by Alexander-John and Emory Jones in partnership with Roc Nation and Legitimate. Each style comes with its own unique digital experience. The collection is available exclusively at Puma.comFoot LockerChamps Sports.

Let's make some magic!
Puma x Roc Nation: A Phygital Symphony Powered by Legitimate and Magic