Quivr's Story: Crafting a New Dimension of Digital Identity and Brand Interaction

The Magic Team · January 30, 2024
Quivr's Story: Crafting a New Dimension of Digital Identity and Brand Interaction


  • Revolutionizing Digital Identity: Quivr, led by Raymond Lee, is transforming digital identity in Web 3.0 by turning off-chain activities into NFTs, offering a richer, authentic online presence.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Quivr's partnership with Magic improved onboarding, allowing users to easily manage their digital profiles, boosting engagement and fostering genuine brand-user connections.
  • Future Growth: Targeting Gen Z and college students, Quivr plans to expand through brand collaborations and loyalty programs, redefining brand-audience interaction in the Web 3.0 landscape.

#Quivr's Vision

Quivr, spearheaded by its Co-founder Raymond Lee, emerged as a cutting-edge platform aimed at revolutionizing the concept of digital identity in the Web 3.0 era. With a profound understanding of the Creator Economy, Quivr's ambition was to encapsulate off-chain identities, like Spotify music tastes and shopping habits, and ingeniously convert them into NFTs, presenting a comprehensive digital identity. Quivr envisioned a future where users could authentically represent their diverse interests and behaviors online, creating a more profound and engaging digital footprint.

#Empowering Digital Identities with Seamless Onboarding

Before partnering with Magic, Quivr was on a mission to redefine seamless user onboarding and integration. Their challenge was to create an intuitive platform that could cohesively integrate a user's diverse digital experiences into a singular, blockchain-based identity. Quivr aimed to develop a solution that not only addressed the complexities inherent to the user experience but also catered to brands seeking authentic engagement with their audiences.

Magic joined the journey as a supportive partner for Quivr, bringing our wallet-as-a-service (WaaS) user onboarding toolkit to the table. This collaboration contributed to refining Quivr's platform, assisting users in effortlessly crafting and managing their digital "cards" or profiles. These profiles, reflecting the user's wide array of interests and validated by community consensus, were further enhanced by the user-friendly nature of the experience.

With the supportive role played by Magic, Quivr witnessed a significant uptick in user engagement. Individuals felt more empowered than ever to curate and exhibit their digital identities. This transformation opened new doors for brands to forge genuine connections with their audience, ushering in marketing strategies that deeply resonated on a personal level. For example, audio enthusiasts found a smoother pathway to engage with brands like Honda, while music aficionados discovered personalized experiences courtesy of companies like Warner Music.

#Future Plans

Quivr is well-positioned to dominate the college market, targeting Gen Z and college students who value their digital identities immensely. The future holds promising prospects, including collaborations with significant brands and deeper integration into loyalty programs, all while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of user identities.

The alliance between Magic and Quivr marks a new era in digital identity and user engagement. With the support of Magic's WaaS solution, Quivr is setting a new standard for how brands interact with their audience in the Web 3.0 landscape.

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Quivr's Story: Crafting a New Dimension of Digital Identity and Brand Interaction