CopyAI’s No Code Journey

Maricris Bonzo · August 31, 2021
CopyAI’s No Code Journey

For our 6th Close-up Magic meetup, we welcomed Chris Lu, Co-founder of CopyAI to talk about:

  • How No Code disrupts the tech industry
  • What CopyAI is and how it helps copywriting
  • Insights on being an investor

Here are three of our favorite takeaways.

#Key Takeaways

#No code helps you move quickly, not creatively 💭

In order to move quickly, the initial prototype of CopyAI was built with the No Code philosophy in mind. To Chris, No Code meant being able to use existing tools to create things that can be delivered to users as quickly as possible. The no code or low code tools CopyAI used were Webflow, Firebase, and Magic.

“Magic is a no code piece of auth. Just one line of code and instantly you have complete authentication built in.”

Although Webflow and Firebase helped the team build the initial prototype of CopyAI, they couldn’t provide them with the custom features they needed. This includes web sockets, real-time notification, and collaboration features. This is where some No Code or Low Code tools lacked; they weren’t advanced enough to give developers the freedom to be more creative.

Now the team is rebuilding CopyAI to move away from Webflow and Firebase, and towards React and their own database. This will allow them to improve the UX, the site’s performance, and even how the team works together.

#CopyAI will help build a more creative world 🎨

CopyAI is an AI powered copywriting assistant. But the vision for CopyAI is much grander than this.

“CopyAI’s vision is to help people run and grow their businesses not just in a marketing copy sense, but in all senses.”

If you have a product in mind, CopyAI will make it easier for you to bring it to life in the most creative way possible. Pretty cool, huh?

#When investing, keep an eye on Net Revenue Retention 📈

I also got a chance to talk to Chris about his 4+ years of angel investing experience. Angel investing is when you invest your own money in the best companies, as early as possible. You’re pretty much betting on the company’s future success.

Chris’s favorite part about investing is being able to see how the inner functions of a company works to deliver value efficiently to their customers, and whether or not that value grows over time. He’s also fascinated by the different business models and how they each make a massive company or a small business.

“Net Revenue Retention: If you don’t get any new customers, will you continue to grow, or will you shrink?”

His advice on investing in successful companies is to watch out for a metric called Net Revenue Retention. This reflects the success of a company’s customer retention. You know your product is incredibly valuable when you continue to grow by some percentage, even if you don’t get any new customers.

#Q&A Session

At the end of the talk, we received a few great questions from our listeners, including this one:

“Where do you see CopyAI going? Product Roadmap?”

Curious to know Chris’ answer? Make sure to watch the recording of the fireside chat below.

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