🧧 Hóngbāos, on chain

The Magic Team · February 9, 2024
🧧 Hóngbāos, on chain

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Magic Red Packets! We’re excited to share a fun twist on the red packet, or hóngbāo (红包), brought to life by our CEO, Sean Li, and the team at Magic. 

#A Lunar New Year Tradition

Lunar New Year is a holiday of great cultural significance for many countries and peoples in Asia. It represents the beginning of spring, and people often reunite with family to celebrate together. Central to this celebration is the gifting of red packets. They symbolize wishes of good luck and prosperity for the year ahead. 

#Introducing Magic’s Red Packets

With Magic Red Packets, you can send ETH to friends and family who can then claim their red packets into a newly created non-custodial Magic wallet. Magic’s wallet creation experience is both seamless and secure so you don’t have to worry about your parents or grandparents dealing with seed phrases or passwords. 

This experience was built on Base. We used WalletConnect’s Web3Modal to allow developers to connect their preferred wallet and Alchemy’s Account Kit to cover gas fees for gifting red packets. (To learn more about how to use Magic wallets for account abstraction, check out our docs!)

#How It Works

  • Packet Creation: Gifters start by connecting an existing wallet or creating one with Magic. Top it up with ETH (if needed) and decide on the number of packets and the total ETH to be shared. 

  • Sharing the Joy: Once the red packets are ready, a unique claim URL is generated. Gifters can then share this with friends and family, spreading the joy and luck far and wide.

  • Packet Claiming: Recipients can easily claim their red packet. By accessing the claim page via the shared URL, they can create a Magic wallet with just an email address and open their packet to reveal the amount of ETH won.

Check out the experience in the video below:

#Try it Yourself

From now until end of the month, you can create your own red packets to gift to friends and family this Lunar New Year. Try it out here!

If you’re a developer interested in creating delightful experiences using decentralized technologies to engage with your users, you can head here to start making some Magic or reach out to our team to learn more. 

Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at Magic! 

According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Dragon, which is believed to be especially auspicious, so we wish you great luck, joy, and prosperity ahead. 🐲✨

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