Dedicated UI for ERC-20 Tokens in Magic Connect Wallet

The Magic Team · August 5, 2022
Dedicated UI for ERC-20 Tokens in Magic Connect Wallet

Magic Connect has just gotten better. Thanks to the latest update, our  wallet now comes with an improved interface, which shows ERC-20 token balances. 

The wallet interface also supports sending a variety of tokens like USDC, USDT, WETH, DAI  and many more directly from the widget – with no additional coding or support needed from developers. (View supported token list here

From the wallet view, end-users now get a seamless transaction experience. They can view their ERC-20 token balance, and take actions to buy, send, and receive assets right from the Magic Connect widget.

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Magical Features:

✔️One-click email-based login methods: Google One-Tap and email short-code logins 

✔️ 3rd party wallet login methods: MetaMask and WalletConnect compatibility *More wallets to be announced

✔️Multi-chain support: Ethereum and Polygon support *More EVMs coming

✔️Pre-built non-custodial global Web3 wallet: Automatic behind-the-scenes wallet creation when users sign up

✔️Pre-built wallet UI: Unified UI for users to buy, send, and receive cryptocurrency. Plus, additional features like sharing verified email addresses.

✔️ Built-in fiat on-ramp: Allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies through major payment methods including bank transfers and credit cards

Magic Connect is free-to-build, with 1,000 free monthly active users. Increase user conversions now with our SSO solution for Web3. 

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Dedicated UI for ERC-20 Tokens in Magic Connect Wallet