Magic and Uptop Bring Web3 Innovation to Brand Loyalty

The Magic Team · April 17, 2023
Magic and Uptop Bring Web3 Innovation to Brand Loyalty

At Magic, we believe that web3 has the power to transform the way we interact with digital assets and create new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers. That's why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Uptop, a leader in web3 brand loyalty programs.

Today, brands must grow through new channels like web3 to enhance customer value and offset the 220% increase in customer acquisition costs over the last eight years. However, successfully operating web3 customer loyalty programs requires companies to test multiple solutions for wallets, on-ramps, minting tools, and loyalty applications, driving up costs and slowing down their roadmap. Magic and Uptop’s partnership solves this. Magic creates wallets instantly, and Uptop operates, analyzes, and scales web3 loyalty campaigns through these wallets to drive brand loyalty. Together, we deliver an all-in-one web3 loyalty solution that simplifies onboarding, building, and scaling their programs.

Together, Magic and Uptop will provide businesses with the best tools and solutions to create web3-native customer experiences. The partnership will enable brands to tokenize loyalty points, run NFT-based memberships, subscriptions, coupons, and more to drive next-gen, gamified, and collectible-based loyalty experiences. By pairing Magic's enterprise-ready, scalable wallet SDK with Uptop's loyalty dashboard, brands can deploy an ongoing loyalty program that generates value beyond a consumer’s first wallet creation or NFT mint.

“Companies need intuitive software for building web3-native customer experiences. The team at Magic has built the hands-down best wallet experience to onboard people to Web3, and pairing their capabilities with Uptop’s web3 loyalty tooling and expertise is a no brainer,” said John Timoney, CEO and Cofounder of Uptop.

Magic provides a non-custodial wallet and authentication solution that streamlines user onboarding through passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation, while Uptop is catalyzing the next wave of brand loyalty innovation as it enables brands to attach real-world benefits to the digital assets they distribute. Uptop’s partnership with industry leaders like Mastercard and Shopify allow it to deliver seamless integrations, supporting token-gated commerce (access to exclusive offers for digital asset holders) and earned digital assets at the point of sale.

Through this partnership, Magic’s enterprise customers will be able to access Uptop’s loyalty dashboard, allowing brands to deploy an ongoing loyalty program that generates value beyond a consumer’s first wallet creation or NFT mint.

Digital assets will play a transformational role in solving brand loyalty challenges. Through open, interoperable blockchain ecosystems, brands can create mass-multiplayer loyalty programs that interact with each other, increasing engagement, maximizing value, and easing burden of participation for consumers. Digital assets can power customized experiences and token-gate exclusive deals at any storefront that supports a “connect wallet button.” Loyalty assets, as tokens that persist inside a consumer’s wallet, will become a part of a shopper’s digital identity and inform transaction decisions at checkout across the entire Internet.

“As an industry we need to focus on real world applications for web3. This requires meeting customers where they are, simplifying onboarding, and delivering value and utility through real use cases. Magic and Uptop’s partnership is key to Magic’s mission to onboard the next billion users to web3. Our partnership will help brands capitalize on the benefits of blockchain tech and build best-in-class loyalty programs that benefit both businesses and their customers,” said Sean Li, CEO and Cofounder of Magic.

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Magic and Uptop Bring Web3 Innovation to Brand Loyalty