Case Study: ZetaChain & Magic Wallet SDK: Combining Web3 Interoperability and Seamless Onboarding

The Magic Team · October 24, 2023
Case Study: ZetaChain & Magic Wallet SDK: Combining Web3 Interoperability and Seamless Onboarding

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, seamless integration and user experience are paramount. ZetaChain, an L1 blockchain that connects all chains - even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin, has taken a significant leap in this direction by integrating with Magic's Wallet SDK. This case study delves into the intricacies of this integration and its implications for both developers and end-users.

#ZetaChain: A Brief Overview

ZetaChain stands out in the blockchain landscape because it's the first truly chain-agnostic L1 blockchain with support for omnichain dApps, which can access and manage assets and data on any chain with no wrapping or locking tokens. For developers, this means the ability to deploy EVM compatible apps that span across multiple networks - even the Bitcoin network - as if everything were on a single chain. For users, this means the ability to access dApps on any network from one wallet with one universal gas token where the underlying blockchains are abstracted away in the experience.

#Magic Wallet SDK brings instant, easy wallet creation to the ZetaChain Ecosystem

Magic's Wallet SDK is renowned for its ability to provide instant web3 wallets for users. Its integration with ZetaChain means that users can effortlessly create wallets and interact with the ZetaChain network, which enables native access to EVM, Cosmos and even non-smart contract chains like the Bitcoin network. This seamless onboarding experience is crucial for driving adoption and ensuring user retention.

#Key Features of the Integration

  1. Compatibility: The integration supports all 'Auth', 'User', and most 'Wallet' module methods for Dedicated Wallets. It also fully supports EVM Provider functionality, responding to supported RPC methods.

  2. User Interface: The integration provides a widget UI for token balances and token transfers, enhancing the user experience.

  3. Interoperability: ZetaChain, with the help of Magic, allows developers to onboard new users with web3 wallets and offers interoperable access to any chain (EVM, non-EVM, non-smart, L1/L2, Etc.) 

#The Bigger Picture: Enterprise Adoption

Both Magic and ZetaChain share a vision of pushing for greater enterprise adoption. While Magic focuses on helping web2 companies transition to the blockchain, ZetaChain aims to enable these companies to build multi-chain apps that span across all chains, including even Bitcoin. This shared vision ensures that the integration is not just about technology but about driving a broader change in the enterprise landscape.


The easy onboarding process enabled by Magic's SDK together with the interoperability provided by the ZetaChain blockchain platform will greatly improve web3 UX, efficiency, and security.. As more enterprises look to adopt blockchain, such integrations will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

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