Magic Email for Unity

Magic Email for Unity

Reference for the Magic SDK for Unity:


The Magic SDK for Unity is your entry-point to secure, passwordless authentication for your mobile app. This guide will cover some important topics for getting started with iOS APIs and to make the most of Magic's features.

Magic can support either server-based or serverless web applications. It is up to the developers to implement the Admin SDK to validate the DID Token.


On June 20th, passcodes (LoginWithSms() ||LoginWithEmailOTP()) are replacing Magic Links (LoginWithMagicLink()) for all of our Mobile SDKs⁠. Learn more ->

#Install Unity package

1. Download the `MagicUnity.unitypackage` file from Releases

2. Double click or drag the file into your Unity project

3. Click import

4. Drag the `Magic Example Prefabs` to your Scene to do a quick start

#NewtonJson Version Error

Magic Unity SDK depends on newtonsoft.Json Assembly Version 12 via Nethereum.

If you encountered an `Assmbly Version Validation` Error, you may turn off the setting in Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Assembly Version Validation

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Magic Email for Unity

Did you find what you were looking for?