Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication

Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication

⁠This feature requires an enterprise agreement

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Today Magic offers MFA support with tools such as Google Authenticator and Authy. However, some customers may choose to use their own custom MFA provider to verify sessions. With the Enterprise MFA feature, Magic can integrate with any MFA provider. Please note that this feature is part of the Magic Enterprise tier, please reach out to learn more.



Only available with Dedicated Wallet.

Advanced MFA SDK methods are available via the following client-side SDKs:


To enable Enterprise MFA, all that is required is for your third-party provider to be configured in our system and their issued JWT to be set in the custom authorization header via magic.auth.setAuthorizationToken prior to calling login:

01const handleLogin = async () => {
02   await magic.auth.setAuthorizationToken(jwt)
03   await magic.auth.loginWithEmailOTP({ email });

Once you have added the setAuthorizationToken call into your login handler, Magic must enable the feature for your application. If you have users actively accessing your application, we recommend first testing this integration with a test application so that we can be sure to avoid any downtime when we turn on your production application.

Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication