GitLab Social Login with Magic

GitLab Social Login with Magic


You can allow your users to sign up & login into your web application with their GitLab account.



#GitLab Setup

After installing the OAuth extension, you can now enable GitLab Login for your Magic app:

  1. Go to your Magic Dashboard
  2. Select the Magic app for which you’d like to enable GitLab Login, or create a new app
  3. Navigate to Social Login from the sidebar
  4. Click the toggle for GitLab
  5. Copy the Redirect URI field from your Magic Dashboard
  6. Go to GitLab App Dashboard. Navigate to Profile Settings > Applications
  7. In the application form, enter a Name (arbitrary), and make sure to paste the Redirect URI in the input field
  8. Make sure to tick openid, profile, email in the Scopes
  9. When you click Save application you are provided with the application ID and the application secret which you can then use with your application that connects to GitLab
  10. Return to your Magic Dashboard and input the Application Id and Secret for your GitLab OAuth app
  11. In Magic Dashboard, click “Save” – Done!