Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution enhancing Ethereum by providing developers with faster and more cost-efficient transactions. It upholds Ethereum's security through its innovative Arbitrum Rollup protocol, facilitating trustless operations. For developers, its seamless compatibility with Ethereum's ecosystem and tools simplifies dApp development. Arbitrum is especially beneficial for those looking to boost performance while maintaining the decentralized principles of Ethereum.

As Arbitrum is EVM compatible, you can follow the Ethereum documentation to send your first transaction and utilize all other wallet features.

#Configure Arbitrum

Ensure you have installed the Magic SDK and have access to your API key, follow the quickstart to get started. You can use Magic's network aliases to connect to either testnet or mainnet on Arbitrum.

01// Setting network to point to testnet
02const magic = new Magic('YOUR_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY', { 
03    network: {
04        rpcUrl: '',
05        chainId: 421614,
06  }


Need a feature or see a problem? File an issue on our github repo.

#Resources & Tools