Chiliz is a Layer 1 blockchain network that's compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), specifically designed to revolutionize the world of sports. Through the Magic SDK, users can easily create wallets and engage with Chiliz Chain, enabling teams, fans, and developers to craft Web3 products and experiences that unite fans and brands like never before.

As Chiliz is EVM compatible, you can follow the Ethereum documentation to send your first transaction and utilize all other features.

#Configure Chiliz

Ensure you have installed the Magic SDK and have access to your API key, follow the quickstart to get started. You can use Magic's network aliases to connect to either testnet or mainnet on Chiliz. For more network information, see here.

01// Setting network to point to Chiliz testnet
02const magic = new Magic('YOUR_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY', { 
03    network: {
04        rpcUrl: '',
05        chainId: 88882,
06  }


*Some Widget UI features are not yet compatible such as NFT Viewer and Fiat On-ramps.

Need a feature or see a problem? File an issue on our github repo.

#Resources & Tools