RARI Chain

RARI Chain


RARI Chain is a Layer 3 blockchain powered by Arbitrum, offering high throughput and low transaction costs. It also introduces a new royalty system embedding them at the node level, guaranteeing royalty payments to creators.

As RARI Chain is EVM equivalent, you can follow the Ethereum documentation to send your first transaction and utilize all other wallet features.

#Configure RARI Chain

Ensure you have installed the Magic SDK and have access to your API key, follow the quickstart to get started.

01// Setting network to point to RARI testnet
02const magic = new Magic('YOUR_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY', { 
03    network: {
04        rpcUrl: 'https://testnet.rpc.rarichain.org/http',
05        chainId: 1918988905,
06  }


Need a feature or see a problem? File an issue on our github repo.

#Resources & Tools