Fiat Onramp Solution with Stripe

Jen Zhou · December 1, 2022
Fiat Onramp Solution with Stripe

We’re excited to announce the integration of Stripe’s fiat-to-crypto onramp with Magic Connect. By working with Stripe, Magic provides developers the ability to offer direct fiat onramp functionality to their users, allowing them to seamlessly purchase crypto. As more large, trusted enterprises like Stripe roll out crypto offerings, they can help build confidence and familiarity in the web3 space, fueling industry adoption and innovation.

The new feature is embedded in the checkout flow. Under payment methods, users will see an option for instant bank transfer with Link by Stripe as an option to complete their transaction.

You can try it out here on Magic Connect, our all-in-one web3 wallet solution (which includes built-in authentication, wallet, and fiat-onramp services). For enterprises that prefer to use their own auth provider, contact our team about Magic Wallet Services.

With Magic Connect, developers can grow their user base quickly by providing a familiar web2 login process that gives their users web3 wallets without all the headaches of wallet creation like seed phrases or browser extensions. Developers have a straightforward SDK that simplifies web3 onboarding and their users instantly gain access to user-friendly interoperable wallets with top-level security. 

Magic Connect has fiat onramps included out of the box, allowing users to purchase crypto with credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, instant ACH, or SEPA transfer. In addition to Stripe, we’ve partnered with Sardine and Onramper to offer a wide variety of dependable onramp options to users in 150+ countries.

Magic and Stripe share a belief that for web3 to reach mass adoption, there needs to be simple, secure tools for onboarding that eliminate friction for users. Stripe’s outlook for the future of web3 is predicated on the prospect of “open-access global financial rails” for everyone. By integrating the Stripe onramp into Magic products, we are building towards this vision of onboarding the next billion of users into web3.

Try the fiat onramp with Stripe on your Magic Connect wallet, or start developing a frictionless web3 onboarding experience for your customers.

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Fiat Onramp Solution with Stripe