Magic Connect

Magic Connect


Magic Connect is a fully-featured, global web3 wallet. Our plug-and-play wallet is live in minutes, leveraging standard Web3JS RPC methods along with Magic functions providing an extended feature set. It’s your one-stop shop for Web3 experiences.


Magic Connect is now part of the core magic-sdk 🚀 with version 13.2.0! While there are no breaking changes, we advise upgrading as soon as possible. You can still find the documentation for the older version of the SDK here.

Connect Quick Start

Try out Magic Connect in a sandbox environment and learn how to integrate.

Magic Connect is now also available on iOS Swift, Android Kotlin, and React Native in beta with partial functionalities.

Authentication Methods

Third-party Wallets (Web)


Magic Connect SDK (Web)

API methods specific to Magic Connect

EVM RPC Methods

Magic Connect leverages standard web3 RPC methods

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Magic Connect

Did you find what you were looking for?