FAQ - Wallet End-Users

FAQ - Wallet End-Users

#Why is Magic Involved?

You might wonder what Magic is and why it’s needed to connect to a website or app you’re visiting. Can’t this be done directly through the website or app?

Magic provides websites and apps with technology that enables you to set up a virtual wallet, which is a unique account that exists on a highly secure database (i.e., a blockchain).

In order to give you full control over your digital collectibles and allow you to securely store them, brands need to use this database.

Due to the technical complexity, most websites and apps do not provide a way for users to access this database. This is why they use Magic to help you connect your email, phone number or social login to a new virtual wallet, allowing you to instantly sign in to a website or app that requires a wallet without any hassle.

Neither Magic nor any service provider or user can access or control your wallet. Once your wallet is setup, only you have permission to manage the assets within it. 

#What is a wallet?

Wallets are used to interact with blockchains. Each wallet has a unique address and can contain things like cryptocurrencies or digital collectibles (NFTs). A single wallet can be used across different blockchain networks, but wallet assets stay tied to a specific blockchain.

#How does Magic Wallet work?

Magic Wallet is a web-based wallet that does not require browser extensions, secret phrases, or downloads. It’s interoperable, meaning you can bring your wallet over to any site that supports it, but wallet.magic.link is your go-to destination to access your wallet at any time.

#Is Magic Wallet secure?

Your Magic Wallet is protected by bank-grade encryption and best-in-class passwordless authentication. You can dive into the deep end of our security architecture by reading Magic's Whitepaper.


For an additional level of security, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication with your email service providers like Gmail or Outlook.

#What is a dapp?

"Dapp" (sometimes stylized as dApp) is commonly referring to decentralized apps. A dapp is an application built on a decentralized network like Ethereum. Examples of popular dapps are Zerion, Uniswap, and Opensea.

#How do I get crypto into my wallet?

You can purchase cryptocurrencies by clicking "Buy" to go through the transaction flow, or receive from an existing wallet by clicking "Receive" to share your wallet QR code or wallet address with the sender.


For more information on payment methods offered, see What payment methods can I use to buy crypto?

#How does Magic Wallet work with dapps?

Magic Wallet acts as a bridge connecting you with dapps in the web3 world. Magic is committed to privacy, so no personal info is shared with dapps when you log in with Magic Wallet. The dapp's developers won’t get your email address without your consent.

#Can users hold Digital Collectibles in their Magic wallet?

Yes, users can hold digital collectibles in their Magic wallet. Our documentation contains integration instructions for the many blockchains we support and links to examples.

We allow you to have full control of the wallet UI/UX for your users - so Magic will fit seamlessly into your project.

#What payment methods can I use to buy crypto?

Magic has partnered with Onramper, Sardine, and Link by Stripe to offer users various payment methods in 150+ countries.


Please note that Instant Bank Transfer is only available to US residents, excluding New York and Hawaii.

#Can I transfer crypto out of Magic Wallet?

You can transfer crypto by clicking "Send" and following the prompts.


Please keep in mind that when sending or receiving crypto, ALWAYS confirm that you are using the correct network. Using an incorrect network will cause the funds to be lost.

#What blockchain does Magic Wallet support?

Magic Universal Wallets currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Flow.

Magic Dedicated Wallets support 24+ blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Bitcoin, Cosmos, Tezos, Aptos, and many more. Visit here see our supported blockchains.

#How do I switch to a different blockchain on the Magic's Wallet App?

You can click the network dropdown at the top of the Magic Wallet modal to select a different network, or you can use the following links to directly access each supported blockchain:

#I’m having trouble receiving the crypto that I purchased in Magic Wallet. What should I do?

Please note that Magic will not and cannot ever take funds out of a user's wallet. If you just purchased crypto and the funds are not showing up, be aware that payments may take anywhere between several minutes to a few days to fully process, depending on the payment processor and amount purchased. You can contact the provider who processed the payment for an exact timeline.