Fiat On Ramps

Fiat On Ramps

Magic Connect has fiat on-ramps included out of the box, allowing users to purchase crypto through instant ACH, credit card, debit card, Apply Pay, Google Pay, or SEPA transfer.

#Use Cases

  • Let your users purchase cryptocurrency through multiple secure payment options via our on-ramp partners through our wallet widget.


The on-ramps can be access through the wallet widget by the user during transaction signing (prior to signature confirmation) or can be explictly shown as below.

After following the quickstart to ensure Magic SDK is setup correctly and the user has succcesfully logged in, you can then pop open the wallet widget in an iframe as follows: ⁠

01const walletInfo = await magic.wallet.getInfo();
02const walletType = walletInfo.walletType;
04if (walletType === "magic") {
05  await magic.wallet.showUI();

Alternatively, it will also be accessible to the user when signing a transaction via web3.eth.sendTransaction().

#On-Ramp Partners

We’ve partnered with Sardine, Onramper, and Link by Stripe to offer a wide variety of dependable on-ramp options to users around the world. Magic Connect’s fiat on-ramp options offer service to a total of 150+ countries.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Did you find what you were looking for?