Email Collection

Email Collection

Magic offers out-of-the-box UI to request user information inline with OpenID standards. Currently, the only supported field is email but in the future will support more profile information.

#Use Cases


After following the quickstart to ensure Magic SDK is setup correctly and the user has succcesfully logged in, you can then request consent to collect their information as follows:

01import Web3 from 'web3';
02import { Magic } from 'magic-sdk';
04const magic = new Magic('YOUR_API_KEY', {
05  network: "goerli", // Ethereum testnet
07const web3 = new Web3(magic.rpcProvider);
09// hook up to a login/signup button and replace it with the account address.
10const accounts = await magic.wallet.connectWithUI();
11const email = await magic.wallet.requestUserInfoWithUI({ scope: { email: "required" }});


  • In order to collect emails from users that have authenticated through a third-party wallet, developers will need to be subscribed to the approriate pricing tier.
  • Refer to the 'Quickstart' for more options on network, web3 providers, and more. ⁠